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Fluorescent Probes for  Sensing and Imaging within Specific Cellular Organelles

Hao Zhu, Jiangli Fan,  Jianjun Du, and Xiaojun Peng*

Acc. Chem. Res.

2016, 49, 2115-2126


Carbon-Stabilized  Interlayer-Expanded Few-Layer MoSe2 Nanosheets for Sodium Ion  Batteries with Enhanced Rate Capability and Cycling Performance

Yongchao Tang, Zongbin  Zhao,* Yuwei Wang, Yanfeng Dong, Yang Liu, Xuzhen Wang, and Jieshan  Qiu*

ACS Appl. Mater.  Interfaces

2016, 8, 3232432332


New  rht-Type Metal-Organic Frameworks Decorated with Acylamide Groups for Efficient  Carbon Dioxide Capture and Chemical Fixation from Raw Power Plant Flue Gas

Xiangyang  Guo, Zhen Zhou, Cong Chen, Junfeng Bai, Cheng He, and Chunying Duan*

ACS Appl.  Mater. Interfaces

2016, 8,  3174631756


Evident Enhancement of  Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production by Electroless Deposition of MB  (M = Ni, Co) Catalysts on Silicon Nanowire Arrays

Yong Yang, Mei Wang,*,  Peili Zhang, Weihan Wang, Hongxian Han, and Licheng Sun

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces

2016, 8, 30143-30151


Interconnected  Nanoflake Network Derived from a Natural Resource for High-Performance  Lithium-Ion Batteries

Fei Cheng, Wen-Cui Li,  and An-Hui Lu*

ACS Appl. Mater.  Interfaces

2016, 8, 2784327849


Simple Bipolar Host  Materials for High-Efficiency Blue, Green, and White Phosphorescence OLEDs

Wei Li, Jiuyan Li,*  Di Liu, and Qian Jin

ACS Appl. Mater.  Interfaces

2016, 8, 22382-22391


Cyanopyridine Based  Bipolar Host Materials for Green Electrophosphorescence with Extremely Low  Turn-On Voltages and High Power Efficiencies

Wei Li, Jiuyan Li,*  Di Liu, Deli Li, and Fang Wang

ACS Appl. Mater.  Interfaces

2016, 8, 2149721504


Multishelled NickelCobalt  Oxide Hollow Microspheres with Optimized Compositions and Shell Porosity for  High-Performance Pseudocapacitors

Xiangcun Li,* Le Wang, Jianhang  Shi, Naixu Du, and Gaohong He*

ACS Appl. Mater.  Interfaces

2016, 8, 1727617283


CoreShell  Structured oLiMnO2@Li2CO3  Nanosheet Array Cathode for High-Performance, Wide-Temperature-Tolerance  Lithium-Ion Batteries

Junling Guo, Yingjun  Cai, Suojiang Zhang,* Shimou Chen, and Fengxiang Zhang*

ACS Appl. Mater.  Interfaces

2016, 8, 1611616124


Highly Active  Nanoreactors: Patchlike or Thick Ni Coating on Pt Nanoparticles Based on  Confined Catalysis

Xinhong Qi, Xiangcun  Li,* Bo Chen, Huilan Lu, Le Wang, and Gaohong He*

ACS Appl. Mater.  Interfaces

2016, 8, 1922-1928


MetalOrganic Frameworks: Versatile Materials  for Heterogeneous  Photocatalysis

Le Zeng,  Xiangyang Guo, Cheng He, and Chunying Duan*

ACS Catal.

2016, 6,  7935-7947


Highly Isotactic and  High-Molecular-Weight Poly(2-vinylpyridine) by Coordination Polymerization  with Yttrium Bis(phenolate) Ether Catalysts

Tie-Qi Xu,* Guan-Wen Yang, and  Xiao-Bing Lu

ACS Catal.

2016, 6, 4907-4913


Facet Dependence of CO2  Reduction Paths on Cu Electrodes

Wenjia Luo, Xiaowa Nie, Michael J. Janik*, and Aravind Asthagiri*

ACS Catal.

2016, 6, 219-229


Monitoring Nitric  Oxide in Subcellular Compartments by Hybrid Probe Based on Rhodamine  Spirolactam and SNAP-tag

Chao Wang, Xinbo Song,  Zhuo Han, Xiaoyu Li, Yongping Xu, and Yi Xiao*

ACS Chem. Biol.

2016, 11, 2033-2040


Hollow Alveolus-Like  Nanovesicle Assembly with Metal-Encapsulated Hollow Zeolite Nanocrystals

Chengyi Dai, Anfeng  Zhang, Min Liu, Lin Gu, Xinwen Guo,* and Chunshan Song*

ACS Nano

2016, 10, 7401-7408


Incorporating Sulfur  Inside the Pores of Carbons for Advanced LithiumSulfur Batteries: An Electrolysis  Approach

Bin He, Wen-Cui Li,  Chao Yang, Si-Qiong Wang, and An-Hui Lu*

ACS Nano

2016, 10, 1633-1639


Rational Design of  ZnFe2O4/In2O3  Nanoheterostructures: Efficient Photocatalyst for Gaseous 1,2-Dichlorobenzene  Degradation and  Mechanistic Insight

Fei Zhang, Xinyong  Li,* Qidong Zhao, and Dongke Zhang*

ACS Sustainable Chem.  Eng.

2016, 4, 4554-4562


Rapidly Constructing  Multiple AuPt Nanoalloy Yolk@Shell Hollow Particles in Ordered Mesoporous  Silica Microspheres for Highly Efficient Catalysis

Xiangcun Li, Wenji  Zheng, Bo Chen, Le Wang, and Gaohong He*

ACS Sustainable Chem.  Eng.

2016, 4, 2780-2788


Amino acid-based  anti-fouling functionalization of silica nanoparticles using divinyl sulfone

Hanqi Wang, Fang  Cheng*, Wen Shen, Gang Cheng, Jing Zhao, Wei Peng, Jingping Qu

Acta Biomater.

2016, 40, 273-281


A facile soft-template  synthesis of nitrogen doped mesoporous carbons for hydrogen sulfide removal

Zhengfa Yu, Xuzhen  Wang*, Shanke Zhou, Lan Yang, Zongbin Zhao, Jieshan Qiu


2016, 22, 1075-1082


A Cu-Based  Nanoparticulate Film as Super-Active and Robust Catalyst Surpasses Pt for  Electrochemical H2 Production from Neutral and Weak Acidic Aqueous Solutions

Peili Zhang, Mei Wang*,  Hong Chen, Yongqi Liang, Junliang Sun, Licheng Sun

Adv. Energy Mater.

2016, 6, 1502319


A Top-Down Strategy  toward 3D Carbon Nanosheet Frameworks Decorated with Hollow Nanostructures for  Superior Lithium Storage

Yanfeng Dong,  Mingliang Yu, Zhiyu Wang,* Yang Liu, Xuzhen Wang, Zongbin Zhao,*  and Jieshan Qiu*

Adv. Funct. Mater.

2016, 26, 7590-7598


Sustainable Synthesis  and Assembly of Biomass-Derived B/N Co-Doped Carbon Nanosheets with Ultrahigh  Aspect Ratio for High-Performance Supercapacitors

Zheng Ling, Zhiyu  Wang,* Mengdi Zhang, Chang Yu, Gang Wang, Yanfeng Dong, Shaohong Liu,  Yuwei Wang, and Jieshan Qiu*

Adv. Funct. Mater.

2016, 26, 111-119


Amorphous Inorganic  Electron-Selective Layers for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells: Feasible  Strategy Towards Room-Temperature Fabrication

Kai Wang, Yantao  Shi,* Bo Li, Liang Zhao, Wei Wang, Xiangyuan Wang, Xiaogong Bai, Shufeng  Wang, Ce Hao, and Tingli Ma*

Adv. Mater.

2016, 28, 1891-1897


Biomimetic  Construction of Non-Iridescent Structural Color Films with High  Hydrophobicity and Good Mechanical Stability Induced by Chaotic Convective  Coassembly Method

Yao Meng, Bingtao  Tang,* Junshuo Cui, Suli Wu, Benzhi Ju, and Shufen Zhang

Adv. Mater. Interfaces

2016, 3, 1600374


Mass and Charge  Transfer Coenhanced Oxygen Evolution Behaviors in CoFe-Layered Double  Hydroxide Assembled on Graphene

Xiaotong Han, Chang Yu, Juan  Yang, Changtai Zhao, Huawei Huang, Zhibin Liu, Pulickel M. Ajayan and Jieshan  Qiu*

Adv. Mater. Interfaces

2016, 3, 1500782


Novel Ir(ppy)3  Derivatives: Simple Structure Modification Toward Nearly 30% External Quantum  Efficiency in Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

Di Liu*, Lijun Deng, Wei Li,  Ruijuan Yao, Deli Li, Miao Wang and Shufen Zhang

Adv. Opt. Mater.

2016, 4, 864-870


Novel Bismaleimide  Resins Modified by Allyl Compound Containing Liquid Crystalline Structure


Adv. Polym. Technol.

2016, 21667


Asymmetric  hydroxylation of 4-substituted pyrazolones catalyzed by natural cinchona  alkaloids

Fuzhao Xue, Xiaoze Bao,  Liwei Zou, Jingping Qu, Baomin Wang*

Adv.  Synth. Catal.

2016,  358, 3971-3976


Asymmetric  α-Hydroxylation of β-Indanone Esters and β-Indanone Amides Catalyzed by C-2′  Substituted Cinchona Alkaloid Derivatives

Yakun Wang, Hang Yin, Hai Qing,  Jingnan Zhao, Yufeng Wu and Qingwei Meng*

Adv. Synth. Catal.

2016, 358, 737-745


High  Performance ZSM-5 Membranes on Coarse Macroporous a-Al2O3  Supports for Dehydration of Alcohols

Liangqing Li, Jianhua  Yang*, Jiajia Li, Jinqu Wang, Jinming Lu, Dehong Yin, and Yan Zhang


2016, 62, 2813-2824


Ethanol perm-selective  B-ZSM-5 zeolite membranes from dilute solutions

Lijun Chai, Jianhua Yang*, Jinming Lu, Dehong Yin, Yan Zhang, Jinqu Wang


2016, 62, 2447-2458


Membrane Assisted  Cooling Crystallization: Process Model, Nucleation, Metastable Zone, and  Crystal Size Distribution

Xiaobin Jiang*, Dapeng Lu, Xiao Wu,  Xuehua Ruan, Jian Fang, and Gaohong He*


2016, 62, 829-841


Deactivation of Mcl-1  by Dual-Function Small-Molecule Inhibitors Targeting the Bcl-2 Homology 3  Domain and Facilitating Mcl-1 Ubiquitination

Ting Song, Ziqian  Wang, Fangling Ji, Yingang Feng, Yudan Fan, Gaobo Chai, Xiangqian Li, Zhiqiang  Li, and Zhichao Zhang*

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

2016, 55, 14250-14256


Linear Chains of  Magnetic Ions Stacked with Variable Distance: Ferromagnetic Ordering with a Curie  Temperature above 20 K

Stefan Friedländer, Jinxuan  Liu, Matt Addicoat, Petko Petkov, Nina Vankova, Robert Rgger, Agnieszka Kuc,  WeiGuo,Wencai Zhou, Binit Lukose,Zhengbang Wang,Peter G. Weidler, Andreas Pöppl,  Michael Ziese, Thomas Heine, and Christof Wöll*

Angew.Chem. Int.Ed.

2016, 55, 12683-12687


Facile Preparation of  Ni2Pwith aSulfur-ContainingSurface Layer by Low-Temperature  Reduction of Ni2P2S6

Song Tian, Xiang Li,*  Anjie Wang, Roel Prins, Yongying Chen, and Yongkang Hu

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

2016, 55, 4030-4034


Synthesis and  Biological Evaluation of Scutellaria Flavone Cyclaneaminol Mannich Base  Derivatives as Novel CDK1 Inhibitors

Lisha Ha, Yuan Qian, Shixuan  Zhang*, Xiulan Ju, Shiyou Sun, Hongmin Guo, Qianru Wang, Kangjian Li,  Qingyu Fan, Yang Zheng and Hailiang Li


2016, 16, 914-924


Repair of bone defects  using dynamic fabricated tissue-engineered bone based on a bio-derived porous  bone scaffold

Kedong Song*, Liying Li, Lili Ji,  Siyuan Li, Chunfeng Mu, Yiwei Wang & Tianqing Liu*


2016, 20, 276-281


Supported  phosphotungstic acid catalyst on mesoporous carbon withbimodal pores: A  superior catalyst for Friedel-Crafts alkenylation ofaromatics with  phenylacetylene

Zhongkui Zhao*, Xianhui Wang

Appl. Catal. A Gen.

2016, 526, 139-146


Modified natural  halloysite nanotube solely employed as an efficientand low-cost solid acid  catalyst for alpha-arylstyrenes production viadirect alkenylation

Zhongkui Zhao*, Jinfeng Ran, Yanhua  Jiao, Weizuo Li, Boyuan Miao

Appl. Catal. A Gen.

2016, 513, 1-8


Influences of  calcination and reduction methods on the preparation ofNi2P/SiO2  and its hydrodenitrogenation performance

Wei Wang, Xiang Li*,  Zhichao Sun, Anjie Wang, Yingya Liu, Yongying Chen, Xinping Duan

Appl. Catal. A Gen.

2016, 509, 45-51


Pb0.04Co  catalyst for N2O decomposition in presence of impurity gases

Haibiao Yu, Mamutjan  Tursun, Xinping Wang*, Xingxing Wu

Appl. Catal. B  Environ.

2016, 185, 110-118


Preparation of AgInS2/TiO2  composites for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of gaseous  o-dichlorobenzene under visible light

Baojun Liu, Xinyong  Li*, Qidong Zhao, Jun Ke, Moses Tadé, Shaomin Liu

Appl. Catal. B  Environ.

2016, 185, 1-10


Form-stable phase  change materials with high phase change enthalpy from the composite of  paraffin and cross-linking phase change structure

Yuang Zhang, Lingjuan  Wang, Bingtao Tang*, Rongwen Lu, Shufen Zhang

Appl. Energ.

2016, 184, 241-246


High solvent  resistance PTFPMS/PEI hollow fiber composite membrane for gas separation

Yan Dai, Xuehua Ruan,  Feng Bai, Miao Yu, Hao Li, Zongchang Zhao, Gaohong He*

Appl. Surf. Sci.

2016, 360, 164-173


via a highly efficient  ligand-free palladium-catalyzed Suzuki coupling process

Yuming Song,* Yamei Xie, Minjian  Chen, Jingping Qu, Hongfan Hu, Xiaomei Lang, Shan Xue, Yin Ran, and Shixuan  Xin*


2016, 4, 306-327


Synthesis of  6-(arylthio)phenanthridines by cyclization reaction of 2-isocyanobiphenyls  with thiols

Changpeng Wu, Yuhan  Zhou,* Xiaoliang Dong, and Jingping Qu


2016, 3, 110-124


1-Naphthol Synthesis  through Base-Promoted SNAr Reactions of ortho-Haloacetophenones  Followed by Lewis-Acid-Catalyzed Cyclization

Xiaoqiang Yu,* Peihong Zhu, Ming  Bao,* Yoshinori Yamamoto, Abdulrahman I. Almansour, Natarajan Arumugam,  and Raju Suresh Kumar

Asian J. Org. Chem.

2016, 5, 699-704


Development and  fabrication of a two-layer tissue engineered osteochondral composite using  hybrid hydrogel-cancellous bone scaffolds in a spinner flask

Kedong Song*, Wenfang Li, Hai  Wang, Yu Zhang, Liying Li, Yiwei Wang, Hong Wang, Ling Wang* and Tianqing  Liu*

Biomed. Mater.

2016, 11, 065002


Probing Lipid Bilayers  under Ionic Imbalance

Jiaqi Lin, Alfredo Alexander-Katz*

Biophys. J.

2016, 111, 2460-2469


Illumina MiSeq  sequencing reveals long-term impacts of single-walled carbon nanotubes on  microbial communities of wastewater treatment systems

Yuanyuan Qu, Xuwang  Zhang, Wenli Shen, Qiao Ma, Shengnan You, Xiaofang Pei, Shuzhen Li, Fang  Ma*, Jiti Zhou


2016, 211, 209-215


A highly selective near-infrared  fluorescent probe for carboxylesterase 2 and its bioimaging applications in living  cells and animals

Qiang Jin, Lei Feng,  Dan-Dan Wang, Jing-Jing Wu, Jie Hou, Zi-Ru Dai, Shi-Guo Sun, Jia-Yue Wang, Guang-Bo  Ge**, Jing-Nan Cui*, Ling Yang*

Biosen. Bioelectron.

2016, 83, 193-199


Green synthesis of  gold nanoparticles by a newly isolated strain Trichosporon montevideense for  catalytic hydrogenation of nitroaromatics

Wenli Shen, Yuanyuan  Qu*, Xiaofang Pei, Xuwang Zhang, Qiao Ma, Zhaojing Zhang, Shuzhen Li,  Jiti Zhou

Biotechnol. Lett.

2016, 38, 1503-1508


Bcl-2 phosphorylation  confers resistance on chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells to the BH3 mimetics  ABT-737, ABT-263 and ABT-199 by impeding direct binding

Ting Song, Gaobo Chai,  Yubo Liu, Xiaoyan Yu, Ziqian Wang and Zhichao Zhang*

British J.  Pharmacology

2016, 173, 471-483


Thermoresponsive  cellulose ether and its flocculation behavior for organic dye removal

Ye Tian, Benzhi Ju*,  Shufen Zhang, Linan Hou

Carbohydr. Polym.

2016, 136, 1209-1217


NiCo-layered double  hydroxides vertically assembled on carbon fiber papers as binder-free  high-active electrocatalysts for water oxidation

Chang Yu, Zhibin Liu,  Xiaotong Han, Huawei Huang, Changtai Zhao, Juan Yang, Jieshan Qiu*


2016, 110, 1-7


Interlayer expanded  MoS2 enabled by edge effect of graphene nanoribbons for high  performance lithium and sodium ion batteries

Yang Liu, Xuzhen  Wang*, Xuedan Song, Yanfeng Dong, Lan Yang, Luxiang Wang, Dianzeng Jia,  Zongbin Zhao, Jieshan Qiu


2016, 109, 461-471


Lightweight carbon  foam from coal liquefaction residue with broad-band microwave absorbing  capability

Shuai Wang, Nan Xiao,  Ying Zhou, Zheng Ling, Mingyu Li, Jieshan Qiu*


2016, 105, 224-226


Ultrasound-assisted  preparation of electrospun carbon fiber/graphene electrodes for capacitive  deionization: Importance and unique role of electrical conductivity

Gang Wang, Qiang Dong,  Tingting Wu, Fei Zhan, Ming Zhou, Jieshan Qiu*


2016, 103, 311-317


Graphene-mediated  highly-dispersed MoS2 nanosheets with enhanced triiodide reduction  activity for dye-sensitized solar cells

Chang Yu, Xiangtong  Meng, Xuedan Song, Suxia Liang, Qiang Dong, Gang Wang, Ce Hao, Xichuan Yang,  Tingli Ma, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Jieshan Qiu*


2016, 100, 474-483


Fe3O4  doped double-shelled hollow carbon spheres with hierarchical pore network for  durable high-performance supercapacitor

Xiangcun Li*, Le Zhang, Gaohong  He**


2016, 99, 514-522


Urea solution  treatment: A facile and moderate approach to achieve hierarchical zeolite  beta

Fuping Tian*, Chunxiao Cao, Min  Hu, Xiaohua Ju, Qiaofeng Ru, Guang Xiong, Xiaoyu Liu, Changgong Meng

Cataly.  Commun.

2016, 83, 66-69


Bulk and Al2O3-supported  Ni2P HDS catalysts prepared by separating the nickel and  hypophosphite sources

Dapeng Liu, Anjie Wang,  Chenguang Liu, Roel Prins*

Cataly.  Commun.

2016, 77, 13-17


Controllable synthesis  of chainlike hierarchical ZSM-5 templated by sucrose and its catalytic  performance

Lijun Jin, Tong Xie,  Sibao Liu, Yexin Li, Haoquan Hu*

Cataly.  Commun.

2016, 75, 32-36


Synthesis of  Bimetallic MOFs MIL-100(Fe-Mn) as an Efficient Catalyst for Selective  Catalytic Reduction of NOx with NH3

Wang Zhang, Yong  Shi*, Chunyan Li, Qidong Zhao, Xinyong Li

Catal. Lett.

2016, 146, 1956-1964


Oxygen-containing coke  species in zeolite-catalyzed conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons

Zhaohui Liu, Xinglong  Dong, Xin Liu and Yu Han*

Catal. Sci. Technol.

2016, 6, 8157-8165


Thermoregulated  phase-transfer iridium nanoparticle catalyst: highly selective hydrogenation  of the C=O bond for α,β-unsaturated  aldehydes and the C=C bond for α,β-unsaturated  ketones

Wenjiang Li, Yanhua  Wang,* Pu Chen, Min Zeng, Jingyang Jiang and Zilin Jin

Catal. Sci. Technol.

2016, 6, 7386-7390


Fe-doped Beta zeolite  from organotemplate-free synthesis for NH3-SCR of NOx

Yongjun Zhu, Bingbing  Chen, Rongrong Zhao,a Qi Zhao, Hermann Gies, Feng-Shou Xiao, Dirk De Vos,  Toshiyuki Yokoi, Xinhe Bao, Ute Kolb, Mathias Feyen, Stefan Maurer, Ahmad  Moini, Ulrich Müller, Chuan Shi* and Weiping Zhang*

Catal. Sci. Technol.

2016, 6, 6581-6592


The cascade synthesis  of α,β-unsaturated ketones via oxidative C–C coupling of ketones and primary alcohols  over a ceria catalyst

Zhixin Zhang, Yehong  Wang, Min Wang, Jianmin Lu, Chaofeng Zhang, Lihua Li, Jingyang Jiang and  Feng Wang*

Catal. Sci. Technol.

2016, 6, 1693-1700


Defect stabilized gold  atoms on graphene as potential catalysts for ethylene epoxidation: a first-principles  investigation

Xin Liu,* Yang Yang, Minmin  Chu, Ting Duan, Changgong Meng and Yu Han*

Catal. Sci. Technol.

2016, 6, 1632-1641


Facet-dependent  catalytic activity of ZIF-8 nanocubes and rhombic dodecahedra based on tracing  substrate diffusion in pores by SERS: a case study for surface catalysis of  MOFs

Liyong Chen,* Binhua Duan, Qiong  Luo, Zhizhi Gu, Jing Liu and Chunying Duan*

Catal. Sci. Technol.

2016, 6, 1616-1620


A review on research  progress in the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and  oxygen: noble-metal catalytic method, fuel-cell method and plasma method

Yanhui Yi, Li Wang,  Gang Li and Hongchen Guo*

Catal. Sci. Technol.

2016, 6, 1593-1610


Copper-catalyzed  conversion of aryl and heteroaryl bromides into the corresponding iodide

Xiujuan Feng*, Lingyu Li,  Xiaoqiang Yu, Yoshinori Yamamoto, Ming Bao*

Cataly. Today

2016, 274, 129-132


Electrocatalytic  dehydrogenation of 2-propanol in electrochemical hydrogen pump reactor

Shiqi Huang, Xuemei  Wu*, Wei Chen, Lin Ma, Shishui Liu, Gaohong He*

Catal. Today

2016, 276, 128-132


Effect of Mg/Al ratio  of NiMgAl mixed oxide catalyst derived from hydrotalcite for carbon dioxide  reforming of methane

Yongjun Zhu, Shaohua  Zhang, Bingbing Chen, Zhaoshun Zhang, Chuan Shi*

Catal. Today

2016, 264, 163-170


Employing a  Nickel-Containing Supramolecular Framework as Ni Precursor for Synthesizing  Robust Supported Ni Catalysts for Dry Reforming of Methane

Weizuo Li, Zhongkui  Zhao*, Xinwen Guo, Guiru Wang


2016, 8, 2939-2952


A Cobalt-Based Film  for Highly Efficient Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation in Neutral Aqueous  Solution

Hu Chen, Yan Gao*,  Licheng Sun


2016, 8, 2757-2760


CoMn Layered Double  Hydroxides/Carbon Nanotubes Architectures as High-Performance  Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Zhibin Liu, Chang Yu, Xiaotong  Han, Juan Yang, Changtai Zhao, Huawei Huang, Jieshan Qiu*


2016, 3, 906-912


Strongly Coupled  Architectures of Cobalt Phosphide Nanoparticles Assembled on Graphene as  Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting

Huawei Huang, Chang  Yu, Juan Yang, Changtai Zhao, Xiaotong Han, Zhibin Liu, Jieshan Qiu*


2016, 3, 719-725


Ultrafine Fe3O4  Quantum Dots on Hybrid Carbon Nanosheets for Long-Life, High-Rate  Alkali-Metal Storage

Shaohong Liu, Yuwei  Wang, Yanfeng Dong, Zongbin Zhao, Zhiyu Wang,* and Jieshan Qiu*


2016, 3, 38-44


Mechanism of Mcl-1  Conformational Regulation Upon Small Molecule Binding Revealed by Molecular Dynamic  Simulation

Anhui Wang, Ting Song, Ziqian  Wang, Yubo Liu, Yudan Fan, Yahui Zhang and Zhichao Zhang*

Chem. Biol. Drug Des.

2016, 87, 551-561


Self-assembled sulfur/reduced  graphene oxide nanoribbon paper as a free-standing electrode for high  performance lithium-sulfur batteries

Yang Liu, Xuzhen  Wang,* Yanfeng Dong, Yongchao Tang, Luxiang Wang, Dianzeng Jia, Zongbin  Zhao and Jieshan Qiu

Chem.  Commun.

2016,  52, 12825-12828


Asymmetric  chlorination of 4-substituted pyrazolones catalyzed by natural cinchona alkaloid

Xiaoze Bao, Shiqiang  Wei, Liwei Zou, Yuli He, Fuzhao Xue, Jingping Qu and Baomin Wang*

Chem.  Commun.

2016,  52, 11426-11429


Electrocatalytic water  oxidation by a macrocyclic Cu(II) complex in neutral phosphate buffer

Fengshou Yu, Fei Li,*  Jixiang Hu, Lichen Bai, Yong Zhu and Licheng Sun

Chem.  Commun.

2016,  52, 10377-10380


Visible-light-driven  selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol and thioanisole by molecular ruthenium catalyst  modified hematite

Lichen Bai, Fei Li,*  Yong Wang, Hua Li, Xiaojuan Jiang and Licheng Sun

Chem.  Commun.

2016,  52, 9711-9714


Engineering an  iridium-containing metalorganic molecular  capsule for induced-fit geometrical conversion and dual catalysis

Xuezhao Li, Jinguo Wu,  Liyong Chen, Xiaoming Zhong, Cheng He,* Rong Zhang and Chunying Duan

Chem.  Commun.

2016,  52, 9628-9631


Characterization of a  trinuclear ruthenium species in catalytic water oxidation by Ru(bda)(pic)2  in neutral media

Biaobiao Zhang, Fei  Li,* Rong Zhang, Chengbing Ma, Lin Chen and Licheng Sun

Chem.  Commun.

2016,  52, 8619-8622


A rapid-response  fluorescent probe for the sensitive and selective detection of human albumin  in plasma and cell culture supernatants

Yi-Ru Wang, Lei Feng,  Liang Xu, Yan Li, Dan-Dan Wang, Jie Hou, Kun Zhou, Qiang Jin, Guang-Bo Ge,*  Jing-Nan Cui* and Ling Yang*

Chem. Commun.

2016, 52, 6064-6067


An iron-based thin  film as a highly efficient catalyst for electrochemical water oxidation in a  carbonate electrolyte

Fei Li,* Lichen Bai, Hua Li,  Yong Wang, Fengshou Yu and Licheng Sun

Chem.  Commun.

2016,  52, 5753-5756


Multicomponent  self-assembly of a pentanuclear Ir–Zn heterometal–organic polyhedron for carbon  dioxide fixation and sulfite sequestration

Xuezhao Li, Jinguo Wu,  Cheng He,* Rong Zhang and Chunying Duan

Chem. Commun.

2016,  52, 5104-5107


A photosensitizing  decatungstate-based MOF as heterogeneous photocatalyst for the selective C–H  alkylation of aliphatic nitriles

Dongying Shi, Cheng  He, Wenlong Sun, Zheng Ming, Changgong Meng and Chunying Duan*

Chem.  Commun.

2016,  52, 4714-4717


Photocatalytic water  oxidation via combination of BiVO4–RGO and molecular cobalt  catalysts

Yong Wang, Fei Li,*  Hua Li, Lichen Bai and Licheng Sun

Chem. Commun.

2016, 52, 3050-3053


The cost-effective  synthesis of furan- and thienyl-based microporous polyaminals for adsorption  of gases and organic vapors

Guiyang Li, Biao  Zhang, Jun Yan and Zhonggang Wang*

Chem. Commun.

2016, 52, 1143-1146


Synthesis of  Au@UiO-66(NH2) structures by small molecule-assisted nucleation  for plasmonenhanced photocatalytic activity

Zhizhi Gu, Liyong  Chen,* Binhua Duan, Qiong Luo, Jing Liu and Chunying Duan*

Chem. Commun.

2016, 52, 116-119


Highly active  catalysis–membrane system: Enhanced recyclability, durability and longevity  properties for H2 generation

Yan Dai, Wenji Zheng, Xiangcun  Li*, Bo Chen, Le Wang, Gaohong He*

Chem. Eng. J.

2016, 293, 252-258


Improved activity of  W-modified MnOx–TiO2 catalysts for the selective catalytic  reduction of NO with NH3

Xiaomei Wang,  Xinyong Li*, Qidong Zhao, Wenbo Sun, Moses Tade, Shaomin Liu

Chem. Eng. J.

2016, 288, 216-222


Catalytic dehydration  of lactic acid to acrylic acid over modified ZSM-5 catalysts

Xianghui Zhang, Lu  Lin, Tong Zhang, Haiou Liu, Xiongfu Zhang*

Chem. Eng. J.

2016, 284, 934-941


Preparation of hollow  submicrospheres with ordered porous SiO2 shell and multiple AuPt  nanoalloy cores and their high catalytic activity

Xinhong Qi, Xiangcun  Li*, Gaohong He*, Yangzhi Zhu, Yurong Diao, Huilan Lu

Chem. Eng. J.

2016, 284, 351-356


Redox-Active  M8L6 Cubic Hosts with Tetraphenylethylene Faces Encapsulate  Organic Dyes for Light-Driven H2 Production

Linlin  Yang, Xu Jing, Cheng He,* Zhiduo Chang, and Chunying Duan[a

Chem. Eur.  J.

2016, 22,  18107- 18114


Access to  a-Arylglycines by Umpolung Carboxylation of Aromatic Imines with Carbon  Dioxide

Chun-Xiao Guo, Wen-Zhen  Zhang,* Hui Zhou, Ning Zhang, and Xiao-Bing Lu

Chem. Eur. J.

2016, 22, 17156-17159


Fluorescent  Cross-Linked Supramolecular Polymer Constructed by Orthogonal Self-Assembly  of Metal–LigandCoordination and Host–Guest Interaction

Xiaomin Qian, Weitao  Gong,* Xiaopeng Li, Le Fang, Xiaojun Kuang, and Guiling Ning*

Chem. Eur. J.

2016, 22, 6881-6890


Supramolecular Photoinduced  Electron Transfer between a Redox Active Hexanuclear Metal–Organic Cylinder  and an Encapsulated Ruthenium(II) Complex

Lu Yang, Cheng He,*  Xin Liu,Jing Zhang, Hui Sun, and Huimin Guo*

Chem. Eur. J.

2016, 22, 5253-5260


Rhodium-Catalyzed  Oxidative Benzannulation of N-Pivaloylanilines with Internal Alkynes  through Dual C−H Bond Activation: Synthesis of Highly Substituted  Naphthalenes

Xuan Zhang, Xiaoqiang  Yu,* Xiujuan Feng, Yoshinori Yamamoto, Abdulrahman I. Almansour,  Natarajan Arumugam, Raju Suresh Kumar, and Ming Bao*

Chem. Asian J.

2016, 11, 3241-3250


Copper-Catalyzed  Reductive N-Alkylation of Amides with N-Tosylhydrazones Derived  from Ketones

Peng Xu, Fu-Ling Qi, Fu-She  Han,* and Yan-Hua Wang*

Chem. Asian J.

2016, 11, 2030-2034


A New Highly Sensitive  and Colorimetric pH Indicator Derived from 2-Amino-5-nitrothiazole and H-acid

Bin Shan, Yong Deng, Bingtao  Tang, Rongwen Lu, and Shufen Zhang*

Chem. Lett.

2016, 45, 472-474


Bridging of Ultrathin  NiCo2O4 Nanosheets and Graphene with Polyaniline: A  Theoretical and Experimental Study

Juan Yang, Chang Yu,  Suxia Liang, Shaofeng Li, Huawei Huang, Xiaotong Han, Changtai Zhao, Xuedan  Song, Ce Hao, Pulickel M. Ajayan, and Jieshan Qiu*

Chem. Mater.

2016, 28, 5855-5863


A novel intramolecular  reversible reaction between the hydroxyl group and isobutenylene chain in a  cyclophane-type macrocycle

Le Fang, Wei-Tao  Gong*, Manivannan Kalavathi Dhinakaran, Li Shang, Gui-Ling Ning

Chem. Pap.

2016, 70, 663–666


Wetting and  evaporation of argon nanodroplets on smooth and rough substrates: Molecular  dynamics simulations

Qun Li, Baohe Wang*,  Yonggang Chen, Zongchang Zhao

Chem. Phys. Lett.

2016, 662, 73-79


Role of the electronic  excited-state hydrogen bonding in the nitroexplosives detection by [Zn2(oba)2(bpy)]

Peipei Wang, Xuedan  Song, Zhengyan Zhao, Lei Liu, Wensheng Mu, Ce Hao*

Chem. Phys. Lett.

2016, 661, 257-262


Studies on the  electronic structure of thiolate-bridged diiron complexes and their  single-electron reduction reactions

Si Chen, Yang Li,  Dawei Yang, Lun Luo, Jingping Qu, Yi Luo*

Chem. Phys. Lett.

2016, 660, 117-122


Oxygen-Promoted  Suzuki–Miyaura Reaction for Efficient Construction of Biaryls

Chun Liu* and Xinmin Li

Chem. Rec.

2016, 16, 84-97


Accessing the  Long-Lived Triplet Excited States in Transition-Metal Complexes: Molecular  Design Rationales and Applications

Xiaoneng Cui, Jianzhang  Zhao,* Zafar Mohmood, and Caishun Zhang

Chem. Rec.

2016, 16, 173-188


Recent Development of  Chemosensors Based on Cyanine Platforms

Wen Sun, Shigang Guo,  Chong Hu, Jiangli Fan, and Xiaojun Peng*

Chem. Rev.

2016, 116, 7768-7817


Dual n-type units  including pyridine and diphenylphosphine oxide: effective design strategy of  host materials for high-performance organic light-emitting diodes

Wei Li, Jiuyan Li,*  Di Liu, Deli Li and Dan Zhang

Chem. Sci.

2016, 7, 6706-6714


A ZnCl2-catalyzed  Knoevenagel condensation/1,5-hydride shift/cyclization sequence: synthesis of  novel spiroisoxazol-5-one tetrahydroquinolines

Tuan Zhao, Huanrui  Zhang, Longchen Cui, Changxue Wang, Jingping Qu, Baomin Wang*


2016, 1, 3713-3717


Visible-Light-Driven  Water Oxidation on a Photoanode by Supramolecular Assembly of Photosensitizer  and Catalyst

Hua Li, Fei Li,*  Yong Wang, Lichen Bai, Fengshou Yu, and Licheng Sun


2016, 81, 1056-1059


Oxygen-promoted  Pd/C-catalyzed Suzuki–Miyaura reaction of potassium aryltrifluoroborates

Chun Liu*, Chao Liu, Xin-Min  Li, Zhan-Ming Gao, Zi-Lin Jin

Chin. Chem. Lett.

2016, 27, 631-634


Morphology effect of  zirconia support on the catalytic performance of supported Ni catalysts for  dry reforming of methane

Weizuo Li, Zhongkui  Zhao*, Yanhua Jiao, Guiru Wang

Chin. J. Catal.

2016, 37, 2122-2133


Gold stabilized on  various oxide supports catalyzing formaldehyde oxidation at room temperature

Bingbing Chen,  Xiaobing Zhu, Yidi Wang, Limei Yu, Chuan Shi*

Chin. J. Catal.

2016, 37, 1729-1737


Enhanced catalytic  activities and selectivities in preferential oxidation of CO over ceria-promoted  Au/Al2O3 catalysts

Yu‐Xin Miao, Jing  Wang, Wen‐Cui Li*

Chin. J. Catal.

2016, 37, 1721-1728


Tuning of the textural  features and acidic properties of sulfated mesoporous lanthana-zirconia solid  acid catalysts for alkenylation of diverse aromatics to their corresponding α-arylstyrenes

Zhongkui Zhao*, Jinfeng Ran, Yongle  Guo, Boyuan Miao, Guiru Wang

Chin. J. Catal.

2016, 37, 1303-1313


Influence of counter  electrode material during accelerated durability test of non-precious metal  electrocatalysts in acidic medium

Jia Li, Huiyuan Liu,  Yang Lü, Xinwen Guo, Yujiang Song*

Chin. J. Catal.

2016, 37, 1109-1118


Modulating the  microstructure and surface chemistry of carbocatalysts for oxidative and  direct dehydrogenation: A review

Zhongkui Zhao*, Guifang Ge, Weizuo  Li, Xinwen Guo, Guiru Wang

Chin. J. Catal.

2016, 37, 644-670


Preparation of highly  dispersed desulfurization catalysts and their catalytic performance in  hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene

Liang Hao, Guang  Xiong, Liping Liu*, Huayun Long, Fengying Jin, Xiangsheng Wang

Chin. J. Catal.

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Ni-catalyzed direct  carboxylation of unactivated alkyl electrophiles with carbon dioxide

Wenzhen Zhang*, Chunxiao Guo,  Xiaobing Lü

Chin. J. Catal.

2016, 37, 215-217


Electronic Structure  of Thiolate-bridged Diiron Complexes and a Single-electron Oxidation  Reaction: A Combination of Experimental and Computational Studies

Si Chen, Lun Luo, Yang  Li, Dawei Yang, Jingping Qu, and Yi Luo*

Chin. J. Chem.

2016, 34, 919-924


Ligand assisted  copper-catalyzed Ullmann cross coupling reaction of bromaminic acid with  amines

Beibei Shao, Hongying  Du, Xinyu Hao, Rongwen Lu*, Yi Luo, Shufen Zhang

Chin. J. Chem. Eng.

2016, 24, 1000-1006


The control and  optimization of macro/micro-structure of ion conductive membranes for energy  conversion and storage

Xiaoming Yan, Wenji  Zheng, Xuehua Ruan, Yu Pan, Xuemei Wu, Gaohong He*

Chin. J. Chem. Eng.

2016, 24, 558-571


Salt-free reactive  dyeing of betaine-modified cationic cotton fabrics with enhanced dye fixation

Wei Ma*, Mei Meng, Shumin  Yan, Shufen Zhang

Chin. J. Chem. Eng.

2016, 24, 175-179


DFT Studies on the  Origin of Regioselective Ring-opening of Terminal Epoxides during  Copolymerization with CO2

Chuang Liu, Yi Luo**  and Xiao-bing Lu**

Chin. J. Polym.  Sci.

2016, 34, 439-445


Colorimetric response  of biogenetic gold nanoparticles to mercury (II)ions

Xuwang Zhang, Yuanyuan  Qu*, Wenli Shen, Shengnan You, Xiaofang Pei, Shuzhen Li, Jingwei Wang,  Jiti Zhou

Colloids Surfaces A

2016, 508, 360-365


Biogenic synthesis of  gold nanoparticles by yeast Magnusiomycesingens LH-F1 for catalytic reduction  of nitrophenols

Xuwang Zhang, Yuanyuan  Qu*, Wenli Shen, Jingwei Wang, Huijie Li, Zhaojing Zhang, Shuzhen Li,  Jiti Zhou

Colloids Surfaces A

2016, 497, 280-285


Vesicles from  pH-regulated reversible gemini amino-acid surfactantsas nanocapsules for  delivery

Jing Lv, Weihong  Qiao*, Zongshi Li

Colloids Surfaces B

2016, 146, 523-531


Electronic structures  and solvent effects of unsymmetrical neo-confused porphyrin: DFT and  TDDFT–IEFPCM investigations

Hong-Yu Cao, Duan-Hui  Si, Qian Tang, Xue-Fang Zheng*, Ce Hao*

Comput. Theor. Chem.

2016, 1081, 18-24


Structural  characterization and proton reduction electrocatalysis of thiolate-bridged  bimetallic(CoCo and CoFe) complexes

Peng Tong, Wenjie Xie,  Dawei Yang, Baomin Wang, Xiaoxiao Ji, Jianzhe Li and Jingping Qu*

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 18559-18565


Magnetic fluorescent  bifunctional spin-crossover complexes

Jun-Li Wang, Qiang  Liu, Xiao-Jin Lv, Rui-Lin Wang, Chun-Ying Duan and Tao Liu*

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 18552-18558


Efficient molecular  ruthenium catalysts containing anionic ligands for water oxidation

Zhongkai Lu, Yan  Gao,* Hong Chen, Zhao Liu, Lifang Chen and Licheng Sun

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 18459-18464


Effect of the S-to-S  bridge on the redox properties and H2 activation performance of  diiron complexes related to the [FeFe]-hydrogenase active site

Minglun Cheng, Mei  Wang,* Dehua Zheng and Licheng Sun

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 17687-17696


A multimetallic  iron(II)–lithium complex as a catalyst for ε-caprolactone  polymerization

Chao Geng, Ying  Peng,* Lijuan Wang, Herbert W. Roesky* and Kaipeng Liu

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 15779-15782


Highly selective and  sensitive detection of metal ions and nitroaromatic compounds by an anionic europium(III)  coordination polymer

Raji Feyisa Bogale, Junwei  Ye,* Yuan Sun, Tongxin Sun, Siqi Zhang, Abdul Rauf, Cheng Hang, Peng Tian  and Guiling Ning*

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 11137-11144


Controlled synthesis  of mixed-valent Fecontaining metal organic frameworks for the degradation of  phenol under mild conditions

Qiao Sun, Min Liu,  Keyan Li, Yitong Han, Yi Zuo, Junhu Wang, Chunshan Song,* Guoliang  Zhang and Xinwen Guo*

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 7952-7959


Can aliphatic  anchoring groups be utilised with dyes for p-type dye sensitized solar cells?  

Yan Hao, Christopher  J. Wood, Charlotte A. Clark, James A. Calladine, Raphael Horvath, Magnus W.  D. Hanson-Heine, Xue-Zhong Sun, Ian P. Clark, Michael Towrie, Michael W.  George,* Xichuan Yang,* Licheng Sun and Elizabeth A. Gibson*

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 7708-7719


Highly selective  fluorescence sensors for the fluoride anion based on carboxylate-bridged diiron  complexes

Yuhan Zhou,* Xiaoliang Dong,  Yixin Zhang, Peng Tong and Jingping Qu*

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 6839-6846


A trinuclear ruthenium  complex as a highly efficient molecular catalyst for water oxidation

L. L. Zhang, Y. Gao,*  Z. Liu, X. Ding, Z. Yu and L. C. Sun*

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 3814-3819


Photostable  ester-substituted bis-cyclometalated cationic iridium(III) complexes for  continuous monitoring of oxygen

Chun Liu,* Hongcui Yu, Yang Xing,  Zhanming Gao and Zilin Jin

Dalton Trans.

2016, 45, 734-741


An NIR fluorescent  probe of uric HSA for renal diseases warning

Haidong Li, Qichao Yao,  Jiangli Fan, Jianjun Du, Jingyun Wang, Xiaojun Peng*

Dyes Pigments

2016, 133, 79-85


A versatile fluorescent  probe for imaging viscosity and hypochlorite in living cells

Xu Wang, Fengling  Song*, Xiaojun Peng

Dyes Pigments

2016, 125, 89-94


Efficient  blue-emitting molecules by incorporating sulfur-containing moieties into  triarylcyclopentadiene: Synthesis, crystal structures and photophysical  properties

Junwei Ye, Yuan Gao,  Lei He, Tingting Tan, Wei Chen, Yu Liu**, Yue Wang, Guiling Ning*

Dyes Pigments

2016, 124, 145-155


Silicon Compound  Decorated Photoanode for Performance Enhanced Visible Light Driven Water  Splitting

Xin Ding, Yan Gao*,  Ting Fan, Yongfei Ji, Linlin Zhang, Ze Yu, Mårten S.G Ahlquistc, Licheng Sun

Electrochimica Acta

2016, 215, 682-688


ZIF-67 Derived  Nanostructures of Co/CoO and Co@N-doped Graphitic Carbon as Counter Electrode  for Highly Efficient Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Hongyu Jing, Xuedan  Song, Suzhen Ren*, Yantao Shi, Yonglin An, Ying Yang, Mingqiao Feng,  Shaobo Ma, Ce Hao**

Electrochimica Acta

2016, 213, 252-259


A PMMA overlayer  improving the surface-bound stability of photoanode for water splitting

Linlin Zhang, Yan  Gao*, Xin Ding

Electrochimica Acta

2016, 207, 130-134


High performance  porous MnO@C composite anode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Keyan Li, Fenfen Shua,  Xinwen Guo*, Dongfeng Xue**

Electrochimica Acta

2016, 188, 793-800


Experimental research  on the influence of system parameters on the composition shift for zeotropic  mixture (isobutane/pentane) in a system occurring phase change

Junjiang Bao*, Li Zhao

Energy  Convers. Manage.

2016, 113, 1-15


Electroactive edge  site-enriched nickel–cobalt sulfide into graphene frameworks for  highperformance asymmetric supercapacitors

Juan Yang, Chang Yu,  Xiaoming Fan, Suxia Liang, Shaofeng Li, Huawei Huang, Zheng Ling, Ce Hao and Jieshan  Qiu*

Energy Environ. Sci.

2016, 9, 1299-1307


Interaction  between Hydrogen-Donor and Nondonor Solvents in Direct Liquefaction of  Bulianta Coal

Ben Niu,  Lijun Jin, Yang Li, Zhiwei Shi, Hanxue Yan, and Haoquan Hu*

Energy  Fuels

2016, 30,  10260-10267


Role of SO2  in Non-aqueous Solution of Blended Monoethylethanolamine and  Diethylethanolamine for CO2 Capture from Power Plant Flue Gas  Streams

Siming Chen, Shaoyun  Chen, Yongchun Zhang,* Huanhuan Chai, and Mengxing Cui

Energy Fuels

2016, 30, 8520-8528


WαMn1  − αOx Catalysts Synthesized by a One-Step Urea  Coprecipitation Method for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx  with NH3 at Low Temperatures

Wenbo Sun, Xinyong  Li,* Qidong Zhao, Moses Tade, and Shaomin Liu

Energy Fuels

2016, 30, 1810-1814


Density functional  theory study of direct and indirect photodegradation mechanisms of sulfameter

Shaheen Shah, Ce  Hao*

Environ. Sci. Pollut.  Res.

2016, 23, 19921-19930


Concentration-dependent  effects of carbon nanotubes on growth and biphenyl degradation of Dyella ginsengisoli  LA-4

Yuanyuan Qu*, Jingwei Wang, Hao  Zhou, Qiao Ma, Zhaojing Zhang, Duanxing Li, Wenli Shen, Jiti Zhou

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Integrated process of  coal pyrolysis and CO2 reforming of methane with and without using  dielectric barrier discharge plasma

Xinfu He, Haoquan  Hu*, Lijun Jin & Wei Hua


2016, 38, 613-620


Photophysical  Properties of Visible-Light-Harvesting PtII Bis(acetylide)  Complexes

Wenbo Yang and Jianzhang  Zhao*

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A Ru(bipyridine)3[PF6]2  Complex with a Rhodamine Unit -Synthesis, Photophysical Properties, and  Application in Acid-Controllable Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Upconversion

Xiaoneng Cui, Jianzhang  Zhao* Ahmet Karatay, Halime Gul Yaglioglu, Mustafa Hayvali* and  Betül Kücüköz

Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.

2016, 5079-5088


1,3-Dipolar  Cycloaddition of Azomethine Ylides Involving 3-Aminooxindoles: Versatile  Construction of Dispiro[pyrrolidine-2,3′-oxindole] Scaffolds

Qian Wei, Guodong Zhu,  Hailei Zhang, Jingping Qu, and Baomin Wang*

Eur. J. Org. Chem.

2016, 5335-5339


Highly Efficient and  Practical Thiocyanation of Imidazopyridines Using an  N-Chlorosuccinimide/NaSCN Combination

Hailei Zhang, Qian  Wei, Shiqiang Wei, Jingping Qu, and Baomin Wang*

Eur. J. Org. Chem.

2016, 3373-3379


Highly toughened  polylactide/epoxidized poly(styrene-bbutadiene-b-styrene) blends with  excellent tensile performance

Yanshai Wang, Zhiyong  Wei, Yang Li*

Eur. Polym. J.

2016, 85, 92-104


Substituted indole Mcl-1  inhibitors: a patent evaluation (WO2015148854A1)

Ting Song, Ziqian Wang  and Zhichao Zhang*

Expert Opinion on  Therapeutic Patents

2016, 26, 1227-1238


Pressure swing  adsorption/membrane hybrid processes for hydrogen purification with a high  recovery

Baojun Li, Gaohong He*,  Xiaobin Jiang, Yan Dai, Xuehua Ruan

Front. Chem. Sci. Eng.

2016, 10, 255-264


In-situ catalytic  upgrading of coal pyrolysis tar on carbon-based catalyst in a fixed-bed  reactor

Lijun Jin, Xiaoyu Bai,  Yang Li, Chan Dong, Haoquan Hu*, Xian Li

Fuel Process. Technol.

2016, 147, 41-46


Continuous production  of biodiesel from soybean flakes by extraction coupling with  transesterification under supercritical conditions

Qin-Qin Xu, Qi Li, Jian-Zhong  Yin*, Dan Guo, Bao-Quan Qiao

Fuel Process. Technol.

2016, 144, 37-41


Steam co-gasification  of biomass and coal in decoupled reactors

Yalkunjan TursunShaoping Xu*, Chao WangYahui XiaoGuangyong Wang

Fuel Process. Technol.

2016, 114, 61-67


Photo-organocatalytic  enantioselective α-hydroxylation of β-keto esters and β-keto amides with  oxygen under phase transfer catalysis

Yakun Wang, Zehao  Zheng, Mingming Lian, Hang Yin, Jingnan Zhao, Qingwei Meng* and  Zhanxian Gao

Green Chem.

2016, 18, 5493-5499


Carboxylative cyclization  of substituted propenyl ketones using CO2: transition-metal-free  synthesis of α-pyrones

Wen-Zhen Zhang,* Ming-Wang Yang and  Xiao-Bing Lu

Green Chem.

2016, 18, 4181-4184


In situ synthesis of  cotton-derived Ni/C catalysts with controllable structures and enhanced catalytic  performance

Peng Zhang, Zongbin  Zhao, Boris Dyatkin, Chang Liu and Jieshan Qiu*

Green Chem.

2016, 18, 3594-3599


A bilateral  electrochemical hydrogen pump reactor for 2-propanol dehydrogenation and phenol  hydrogenation

Shiqi Huang, Xuemei  Wu,* Wei Chen, Tao Wang, Yao Wu and Gaohong He*

Green Chem.

2016, 18, 2353-2362


Chemoselective  hydrogenation of 3-nitrostyrene over a Pt/FeOx pseudo-single-atom-catalyst in  CO2-expanded liquids

Gang Xu, Haisheng Wei,  Yujing Ren, Jianzhong Yin,* Aiqin Wang* and Tao Zhang

Green Chem.

2016, 18, 1332-1338


Preparation and  properties of bismaleimide resins based on novel bismaleimide monomer  containing fluorene cardo structure

Liying Zhang, Liyan Na, Lianlian Xia, Xuhai Xiong, Shengdi Fan, Ping Chen*

High Perform. Polym.

2016, 28, 215-224


Hematopoietic stem  cells: multiparameter regulation

Kedong  Song*,  Liying Li, Yiwei Wang, Tianqing Liu

Human Cell

2016, 29, 53-57


Gold  Nanoparticle-Based Colorimetric Recognition of Creatinine with Good  Selectivity and Sensitivity

Hong Du, Ruiyi Chen, Jianjun Du,* Jiangli  Fan, and Xiaojun Peng

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.

2016, 55, 12334-12340


Effects of Cesium Ions  and Cesium Oxide in Side-Chain Alkylation of Toluene with Methanol over  Cesium-Modified Zeolite X

He Han, Min Liu, Fanshu Ding, Yiren Wang, Xinwen  Guo,* and Chunshan Song*

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.

2016, 55, 1849-1858


A Fluorescent Probe  for Ratiometric Imaging of SO2 Derivatives in Mitochondria of  Living Cells

Haidong Li, Qichao  Yao, Jiangli Fan, Chong Hu, Feng Xu, Jianjun Du, Jingyun Wang, and Xiaojun  Peng*

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.

2016, 55, 1477-1483


Dual-Membrane Module  and Its Optimal Flow Pattern for H2/CO2 Separation

Bo Chen, Xuehua Ruan, Xiaobin Jiang, Wu Xiao, and Gaohong  He*

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.

2016, 55, 1064-1075


Microenvironment-Sensitive  Fluorescent Dyes for Recognition of Serum Albumin in Urine and Imaging in  Living Cells

Tao Zhu, Jianjun Du,* Wenbing Cao, Jiangli  Fan, and Xiaojun Peng

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.

2016, 55, 527-533


Photoactive  Metal−Organic Framework and Its Film for Light-Driven Hydrogen Production and  Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Pengyan Wu, Xiangyang Guo, Linjuan Cheng, Cheng  He,* Jian Wang, and Chunying Duan

Inorg. Chem.

2016, 55, 8153-8159


Single-molecule magnet  behavior in a tetranuclear cyano-bridged FeIII2NiII2  cluster

Cheng-Qi Jiao,Wen-Jing Jiang,Wen Wen, Yi Ren,  Jia-Liang Wang, Tao Liu*, Cheng He

Inorg. Chem. Commun.

2016, 74, 12-15


Coexistence of the  single chain magnet and spin-glass behavior in a cyano-bridged {FeIII2FeII}  chain

Liang Zhao, Yan-Juan Zhang*, Ji-Xiang Hu,  Cheng-Qi Jiao, Jun-Li Wang, Chun-Ying Duan, Tao Liu*

Inorg. Chem. Commun.

2016, 66, 55-58


Metal–organic redox  vehicles to encapsulate organic dyes for photocatalytic protons and carbon dioxide  reduction

Hao Yu, Cheng He,* Jing Xu, Chunying Duan and  Joost N. H. Reek

Inorg. Chem. Front.

2016, 3, 1256-1263


Species distribution  of CO2 absorption/desorption in aqueous and non-aqueous  N-ethylmonoethanolamine solutions

Siming Chen, Shaoyun Chen, Yongchun Zhang*,  Liang Qin, Chao Guo, Jian Chen

Int. J. Greenh. Gas  Control

2016, 47, 151-158


Dry reforming of  methane towards CO-rich hydrogen production over robust supported Ni catalyst  on hierarchically structured monoclinic zirconia nanosheets

Weizuo Li, Zhongkui Zhao*, Yanhua Jiao

Int. J. Hydrogen  Energy

2016, 41, 17907-17921


Long-spacer-chain  imidazolium functionalized poly(ether ether ketone) as hydroxide exchange membrane  for fuel cell

Xiaoming Yan, Li Gao,  Wenji Zheng, Xuehua Ruan, Caimian Zhang, Xuemei Wu, Gaohong He*

Int. J. Hydrogen  Energy

2016, 41, 14982-14990


Nickel supported on  iron-bearing olivine for CO2 methanation

Guangyong Wang, Shaoping  Xu*, Libing Jiang, Chao Wang

Int. J. Hydrogen  Energy

2016, 41, 12910-12919


Constructing a rigid  crosslinked structure for enhanced conductivity of imidazolium functionalized  polysulfone hydroxide exchange membrane

Jian Dai, Gaohong He,  Xuehua Ruan, Wenji Zheng, Yu Pan, Xiaoming Yan*

Int. J. Hydrogen  Energy

2016, 41, 10923-10934


Effect of air pre-oxidization  on coal-based activated carbon for methane decomposition to hydrogen

Jiaofei Wang, Lijun  Jin, Yang Li, Chuhua Jia, Haoquan Hu*

Int. J. Hydrogen  Energy

2016, 41, 10661-10669


Nitrogen-doped porous  carbons with high performance for hydrogen storage

Ziqiang Wang, Lixian  Sun*, Fen Xu**, Huaiying Zhou, Xiaojun Peng***, Dalin Sun,  Jianchuan Wang, Yong Du

Int. J. Hydrogen  Energy

2016, 41, 8489-8497


Hydroxide ion transfer  in anion exchange membrane: A density functional theory study

Guoqing Yang, Juanyuan Hao**, Jie Cheng, Ning  Zhang, Gaohong He, Fengxiang Zhang, Ce Hao*

Int. J. Hydrogen  Energy

2016, 41, 6877-6884


Stainless steel as an  efficient electrocatalyst for water oxidation in alkaline solution

Fengshou Yu, Fei Li*, Licheng Sun

Int. J. Hydrogen  Energy

2016, 41, 5230-5233


Mechanistic Insights  into Regioselective Polymerization of 1,3-Dienes Catalyzed by a  Bipyridine-Ligated Iron Complex: A DFT Study

Lun Luo, Xiaohui Kang, Guangli Zhou, Si Chen, Gen  Luo, Jingping Qu, and Yi Luo*

Int. J. Quantum Chem.

2016, 116, 1274-1280


Production of  N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine from Mycelial Waste by a Combination of Bacterial  Chitinases and an Insect N-Acetyl-D-glucosaminidase

Weixing Zhu, Di Wang, Tian Liu,* and Qing  Yang*

J. Agric. Food Chem.

2016, 64, 6738-6744


Preparation of PtRu/WO3–C  by intermittent microwave method with enhanced catalytic activity of methanol  oxidation

Weifeng Liu, Xiaoping  Qin, Xiongfu Zhang*, Zhigang Shao, Baolian Yi

J Appl Electrochem

2016, 46, 887-893


Synthesis and  mechanical properties of high impact polystyrene with in situ bulk  polymerization toughened by one-pot Nd-based styrene–isoprene–butadiene  terpolymer rubber

Tingting Li, Li Li,  Qiang Xu, Yurong Wang, Yang Li*


2016, 133, 43979


Interaction and properties  of epoxy-amine system modified with poly(phthalazinone ether nitrile ketone)

Rui Liu, Jinyan Wang*, Qinzheng He, Lishuai  Zong, Xigao Jian


2016, 133, 42938


Modification of SPPESK  proton exchange membranes through layer-by-layer self-assembly

Yuanyuan Sun, Xuemei Wu, Dongxing Zhen, Shikai  Zhang, Mengmeng Hu, Gaohong He*


2016, 133, 42867


Comparison of amino  and epoxy functionalized SBA-15 used for carbonic anhydrase immobilization

Xiaoyao Fei, Shaoyun Chen, Dai Liu, Chunjie Huang,  and Yongchun Zhang*

J. Biosci. Bioeng.

2016, 122, 314-321


Preparation of Ni2P/Al2O3  by temperature-programmed reduction of a phosphate precursor with a low P/Ni  ratio

Xiang Li, Jianpeng  Feng, Jingyu Guo, Anjie Wang*, Roel Prins, Xinping Duan, Yongying Chen

J. Catal.

2016, 334, 116-119


Ruthenium  nanoparticles loaded on functionalized graphene for liquid-phase  hydrogenation of fine chemicals: Comparison with carbon nanotube

Yong Wang, Zeming  Rong*, Yue Wang, Jingping Qu

J. Catal.

2016, 333, 8-16


Critical Microemulsion  Concentration and Molar Ratio of Water-to-Surfactant of Supercritical CO2  Microemulsions with Commercial Nonionic Surfactants: Experiment and Molecular  Dynamics Simulation

Xiang-Dong Liang,  Yi-Fan Liu, Dan Zhou, Wen Yu, and Jian-Zhong Yin*

J. Chem. Eng. Data

2016, 61, 3135-3143


A Novel Scaffold for  Developing Specific or Broad-Spectrum Chitinase Inhibitors

Xi Jiang, Ashutosh  Kumar, Tian Liu, Kam Y. J. Zhang,* and Qing Yang*

J. Chem. Inf. Model.

2016, 56, 2413-2420


Oxidized dextran  facilitated synthesis of a silica-based concanavalin amaterial for lectin  affinity enrichment of glycoproteins/glycopeptides

Yujie Liu, Dongmei Fu,  Long Yu*, Yuansheng Xiao, Xiaojun Peng, Xinmiao Liang*

J. Chromatogr. A

2016, 1455, 147-155


Improving permeability  and chromatographic performance of poly(pentaerythritol diacrylate  monostearate) monolithic column via photo-induced thiol-acrylate  polymerization

Hongwei Wang, Junjie  Ou, Jingyao Bai,  Zhongshan Liu, Yating Yao, Lianfang Chen, Xiaojun Peng, Hanfa Zou

J. Chromatogr. A

2016, 1436, 100-108


A computational study  of adsorption and activation of CO2 and H2 over Fe(100)  surface

Haozhi Wang, Xiaowa Nie*, Xinwen Guo, Chunshan Song*

J. CO2  Util.

2016, 15, 107-114


Hydrothermally stable  MOFs for CO2 hydrogenation over iron-based catalyst to light  olefins

Shen Hu, Min Liu, Fanshu Ding, Chunshan Song*, Guoliang Zhang, Xinwen Guo*

J. CO2  Util.

2016, 15, 89-95


Synthesis of magnetic  porous Fe3O4/C/Cu2O composite as an  excellent photo-Fenton catalyst under neutral condition

Fanfan  Chai, Keyan Li*, Chunshan Song, Xinwen Guo*

J. Colloid Interface  Sci.

2016, 475, 119-125


Enhanced  photoactivities of TiO2 particles induced by bio-inspired  micro-nanoscale substrate

Liguo Gao*, Yawei Wang, Yang  Yan, Qun Li, Ce Hao, Tingli Ma*

J. Colloid Interface  Sci.

2016, 470, 10-13


Gold nanostars:  Benzyldimethylammonium chloride-assisted synthesis, plasmon tuning, SERS and  catalytic activity

Pancras Ndokoye, Xinyong  Li*, Qidong Zhao, Tingting Li, Moses O. Tade, Shaomin Liu

J. Colloid Interface  Sci.

2016, 462, 341-350


Theoretical  design and experimental synthesis of counter electrode for dye-sensitized  solar cells: Amino-functionalized graphene

Yiyi Jia,  Yantao Shi, Jieshan Qiu, Ce Hao*

J. Energy Chem.

2016, 25,  861-867


A new  D–D–π–A dye for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells

Xiaoqiang  Yu*, Huailing Jiang, Yi Wang, Yantao Shi, Tingli Ma, Ming Bao

J. Energy Chem.

2016, 25,  769-774


Discovery of  flufenoxystrobin: Novel fluorine-containing strobilurin fungicide and acaricide

Lin Li, Miao Li,  Huiwei Chi, Jichun Yang, Zhinian Li, Changling Liu*

J. Fluorine Chemistry

2016, 185, 173-180


Determination of urea  content in urea cream by centrifugal partition chromatography

Ying-Qun Wang,  Shi-Sheng Wang, Ji Zhu, Lei Wang, Bo-Hai Jiang, Wei-Jie Zhao*

Journal of food and  drug analysis

2016, 24, 399-405


Microwave-induced  synthesis of pyrophosphate Zr1-xTixP2O7  and TiP2O7 with enhanced sorption capacity for  uranium (VI)

Rui Wang, Junwei Ye*,  Abdul Rauf, Xiaomeng Wu, Hongxue Liu, Guiling Ning*, Heng Jiang*

J. Hazard. Mater.

2016, 35, 76-85


Synthesis of novel  bismaleimide monomers based on fluorene cardo moiety and ester bond:  Characterization and thermal properties

Liying Zhang, Ping  Chen*, Liyan Na, Mingbo Gao, Liming Jin and Shengdi Fan


2016, 53, 88-95


Rational design of  metal oxide hollow nanostructures decorated carbon nanosheets for superior  lithium storage

Yanfeng Dong, Shaohong  Liu, Yang Liu, Yongchao Tang, Ting Yang, Xuzhen Wang, Zhiyu Wang,* Zongbin  Zhao* and Jieshan Qiu*

J. Mater. Chem. A

2016, 4, 17718-17725


Ultrasmall diiron  phosphide nanodots anchored on graphene sheets with enhanced electrocatalytic  activity for hydrogen production via high-efficiency water splitting

Huawei Huang, Chang  Yu, Juan Yang, Xiaotong Han, Changtai Zhao, Shaofeng Li, Zhibin Liu and Jieshan  Qiu*

J. Mater. Chem. A

2016, 4, 16028-16035


Highly oriented MOF  thin film-based electrocatalytic device for the reduction of CO2  to CO exhibiting high faradaic efficiency

Lu Ye, Jinxuan Liu,*  Yan Gao, Chenghuan Gong, Matthew Addicoat, Thomas Heine, Christof Wöll and Licheng  Sun*

J. Mater. Chem. A

2016, 4, 15320-15326


Using confined  carbonate crystals for the fabrication of nanosized metal oxide@carbon with superior  lithium storage capacity

Fei Cheng, Wen-Cui Li  and An-Hui Lu*

J. Mater. Chem. A

2016, 4, 15030-15035


A new  class of epitaxial porphyrin metal–organic framework thin films with  extremely high photocarrier generation efficiency: promising materials for  all-solid-state solar cells

Jinxuan  Liu,* Wencai Zhou, Jianxi Liu, Yamato Fujimori, Tomohiro Higashino,  Hiroshi Imahori,* Xue Jiang, Jijun Zhao,* Tsuneaki Sakurai,  Yusuke Hattori, Wakana Matsuda, Shu Seki, Suresh Kumar Garlapati, Subho  Dasgupta, Engelbert Redel, Licheng Sun and Christof Wöll*

J. Mater.  Chem. A

2016, 4,  12739-12747


Two  methoxyaniline-substituted dibenzofuran derivatives as hole-transport  materials for perovskite solar cells

Yantao Shi,* Kaili Hou, Yanxiang  Wang, Kai Wang, HuiCai Ren, MaoYin Pang, Fan Chen and Sen Zhang

J. Mater. Chem. A

2016, 4, 5415-5422


A NIR fluorescent  probe: imaging endogenous hydrogen peroxide during an autophagy process induced  by rapamycin

Feng Xu, Haidong Li,  Qichao Yao, Jiangli Fan, Jingyun Wang and Xiaojun Peng*

J. Mater. Chem. B

2016, 4, 7363-7367


Air@rGOhFe3O4  microspheres with spongy shells: self-assembly and microwave absorption performance

Qiang Zeng, Xu-hai  Xiong, Ping Chen,* Qi Yu,* Qi Wang, Rong-chao Wang and Hai-rong  Chu

J. Mater. Chem. C

2016, 4, 10518-10528


1,2,4-Triazole-containing  bipolar hosts for blue and green phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes

Di Liu,* Deli Li, Miao Wang  and Wei Li

J. Mater. Chem. C

2016, 4, 7260-7268


Preparation of Bodipy-ferrocene  dyads and modulation of the singlet/triplet excited state of bodipy via  electron transfer and triplet energy transfer

Xueyan Wu, Wenting  Wu,* Xiaoneng Cui, Jianzhang Zhao* and Mingbo Wu*

J.  Mater. Chem. C

2016, 4, 2843-2853


Triplet excited state  of diiodoBOPHY derivatives: preparation, study of photophysical properties and  application in triplet–triplet annihilation upconversion

Caishun Zhang and Jianzhang  Zhao*

J. Mater. Chem. C

2016, 4, 1623-1632


Fabrication and  development of artificial osteochondral constructs based on cancellous  bone/hydrogel hybrid scaffold

Kedong Song*, Liying Li, Xinyu  Yan, Yu Zhang,  Ruipeng Li, Yiwei Wang, Ling Wang*, Hong Wang, Tianqing  Liu*

J Mater Sci: Mater Med

2016, 27, 114




J. Mech. Med. Biol.

2016, 16, 1650087


Bcl-2/MDM2 Dual  Inhibitors Based on Universal Pyramid-Like αHelical  Mimetics

Ziqian Wang, Ting  Song, Yingang Feng, Zongwei Guo, Yudan Fan, Wenjie Xu, Lu Liu, Anhui Wang,  and Zhichao Zhang*

J. Med. Chem.

2016, 59, 3152-3162


Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenyleneoxide)  containing imidazolium-terminated long side chains as hydroxide exchange membranes  with improved conductivity

Li Gao, Gaohong He, Yu  Pan, Baolin Zhao, Xiaowei Xu, Yanjun Liu, Runlian Deng, Xiaoming Yan*

J. Membr. Sci.

2016, 518, 159-167


Tri-quaternized poly(ethersulfone)  anion exchange membranes with improved hydroxide conductivity

Wanting Chen, Xiaoming  Yan, Xuemei Wu*, Shiqi Huang, Yongliang Luo, Xue Gong, Gaohong He**

J. Membr. Sci.

2016, 514, 613-621


Synthesis of high performance  mordenite membranes from fluoride-containing dilute solution under microwave-assisted  heating

Liangqing Li, Jianhua  Yang*, Jiajia Li, Pan Han, Jiaxuan Wang, Ye Zhao, Jinqu Wang, Jinming Lu,  Dehong Yin, YanZhang

J. Membr. Sci.

2016, 512, 83-92


Simultaneous  enhancement of mechanical properties and CO2 selectivity of ZIF-8  mixed matrix membranes: Interfacial toughening effect of ionic liquid

Hao Li, Linghan Tuo,  Kai Yang, Hae-Kwon Jeong, Yan Dai, Gaohong He*, Wei Zhao

J. Membr. Sci.

2016, 511, 130-142


Guanidimidazole-quanternized  and cross-linked alkaline polymer  electrolyte membrane for fuel cell application

Jie Cheng, Guoqing Yang,  Kuibo Zhang, Gaohong He, Jia Jia, Hongmei Yu, Fangyuan Gai, Lingdong Li, Ce Hao,  Fengxiang Zhang*

J. Membr. Sci.

2016, 501, 100-108


Molecular dynamics  simulation of the hydration structure and hydrogen bonding behavior of phenol  in aqueous solution

Ning Zhang, Xuehua  Ruan, Yuechun Song, Zhao Liu, Gaohong He*

J. Mol. Liq.

2016, 221, 942-948


Dual-membrane natural  gas pretreatment process as CO2 source for enhanced gas recovery  with synergy hydrocarbon recovery

Bo Chen, Xiaobin  Jiang, Wu Xiao, Yanan Dong, Issam El Hamouti, Gaohong He*

J. Nat. Gas Sci. Eng.

2016, 34, 563-574


Design of heat  transfer in submerged combustion vaporizer

Dong-Yan Han, Qin-Qin  Xu, Dan Zhou, Jian-Zhong Yin*

J. Nat. Gas Sci. Eng.

2016, 31, 76-85


CO2Mediated Formation of Chiral  Carbamates from meso-Epoxides via Polycarbonate Intermediates

Ye Liu,* Wei-Min Ren, Ke-Ke  He, Wen-Zhen Zhang, Wen-Bing Li, Meng Wang, and Xiao-Bing Lu*

J. Org. Chem.

2016, 81, 8959-8966


A Series of  Cinchona-Derived NOxide Phase-Transfer  Catalysts: Application to the Photo-Organocatalytic Enantioselective αHydroxylation of βDicarbonyl Compounds

Yakun Wang, Hang Yin,  Xiaofei Tang, Yufeng Wu, Qingwei Meng,* and Zhanxian Gao

J. Org. Chem.

2016, 81, 7042-7050


Synthesis of 6Trichloromethylphenanthridines by  Transition Metal-Free Radical Cyclization of 2Isocyanobiphenyls

Yuhan Zhou,* Changpeng Wu,  Xiaoliang Dong, and Jingping Qu

J. Org. Chem.

2016, 81, 5202-5208


Synthesis of (Z)α-Trifluoromethyl Alkenyl  Triflate: A Scaffold for Diverse Trifluoromethylated Species

Yilong Zhao, Yuhan  Zhou,* Juan Liu, Dongmei Yang, Liang Tao, Yang Liu, Xiaoliang Dong, Jianhui  Liu, and Jingping Qu

J. Org. Chem.

2016, 81, 4797-4806


Thiol-Activatable  TripletTriplet Annihilation  Upconversion with Maleimide-Perylene as the Caged Triplet Acceptor/Emitter

Zafar Mahmood and Jianzhang  Zhao*

J. Org. Chem.

2016, 81, 587-594


Relationships between  Architectures and Properties of Highly Branched Polymers: The Cases of  Amorphous Poly(trimethylene carbonate) and Crystalline Poly(ε-caprolactone)

Yingying Ren, Zhiyong  Wei, Xuefei Leng, Tong Wu, Yufei Bian, and Yang Li*

J. Phys. Chem. B

2016, 120, 4078-4090


Facile and  Controllable Modification of 3D In2O3 Microflowers with  In2S3 Nanoflakes for Efficient Photocatalytic  Degradation of Gaseous ortho-Dichlorobenzene

Fei Zhang, Xinyong  Li,* Qidong Zhao, and Aicheng Chen*

J. Phys. Chem. C

2016, 120, 19113-19123


Using Asphaltene  Supermolecules Derived from Coal for the Preparation of Efficient Carbon  Electrodes for Supercapacitors

Wen-Hui Qu, Yu-Bo Guo,  Wen-Zhong Shen,* and Wen-Cui Li*

J. Phys. Chem. C

2016, 120, 15105-15113


Efficient Intersystem  Crossing in Heavy-Atom-Free Perylenebisimide Derivatives

Wenbo Yang, Jianzhang  Zhao,* Christoph Sonn, Daniel Escudero, Ahmet Karatay, H. Gul Yaglioglu,  Betül Küçüköz, Mustafa Hayvali,* Chen Li,* and Denis  Jacquemin*

J. Phys. Chem. C

2016, 120, 10162-10175


Computational  Investigation of Fe−Cu Bimetallic Catalysts for CO2 Hydrogenation

Xiaowa Nie, Haozhi  Wang, Michael J. Janik, Xinwen Guo,* and Chunshan Song*

J. Phys. Chem. C

2016, 120, 9364-9373


Scandium-Catalyzed  Synthesis of Si–H-Containing Syndiotactic Polystyrene and Its Functionalized  Polymer Carrying Pendant Perylene Bisimide Units

Fang Guo, Bai Wang,  Hongwei Ma, Tingting Li, Yang Li*


2016, 54, 735-739


Aerosol-assisted  synthesis of hierarchical porous titanosilicate molecular sieve as catalysts  for cyclohexene epoxidation

Zhendong Guo, Guang  Xiong*, Liping Liu, Peng Li, Liang Hao, Yuanyuan Cao, Fuping Tian

J. Porous Mater.

2016, 23, 407-413


Highly microporous  carbons derived from a complex of glutamic acid and zinc chloride for use in  supercapacitors

Xiao-Ling Dong, An-Hui  Lu, Bin He, Wen-Cui Li*

J. Power Sources

2016, 327, 535-542


Coupling hydrogen  separation with butanone hydrogenation in an electrochemical hydrogen pump  with sulfonated poly (phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone) membrane

Shiqi Huang, Tao Wang,  Xuemei Wu, Wu Xiao, Miao Yu, Wei Chen, Fengxiang Zhang, Gaohong He*

J. Power Sources

2016, 327, 178-186


Catalytic activities  enhanced by abundant structural defects and balanced N distribution of  N-doped graphene in oxygen reduction reaction

Xiaogong Bai, Yantao  Shi**, Jiahao Guo, Liguo Gao, Kai Wang, Yi Du, Tingli Ma*

J. Power Sources

2016, 306, 85-91


Metabolic Profiling  with Gas ChromatographyMass Spectrometry and  Capillary ElectrophoresisMass Spectrometry  Reveals the CarbonNitrogen Status of  Tobacco Leaves Across Different Planting Areas

Jieyu Zhao, Yanni  Zhao, Chunxiu Hu, Chunxia Zhao, Junjie Zhang, Lili Li, Jun Zeng, Xiaojun  Peng, Xin Lu,* and Guowang Xu

J. Proteome Res.

2016, 15, 468-476


Synthesis of a Series  of Anionic Surfactants Derived from NP and their Properties as Emulsifiers  for Reducing Viscosity of Highly Viscous Oil via Formation of O/W Emulsions

Lei Bao, Hanwei Wang,  Yongbin Wu, Xingmin Li, Weihong Qiao*

J. Surfact Deterg

2016, 19, 979-987


Mechanistic Insights  into Ring Cleavage and Contraction of Benzene over a Titanium Hydride Cluster

Xiaohui KangGen LuoLun LuoShaowei HuYi Luo*, and Zhaomin Hou*

J. Am. Chem. Soc.

2016, 138, 11550-11559


Asymmetric Alternating  Copolymerization of Meso-epoxides and Cyclic Anhydrides: Efficient Access to  Enantiopure Polyesters

Jie LiYe LiuWei-Min Ren, and Xiao-Bing Lu*

J. Am. Chem. Soc.

2016, 138, 11493-11496


Unsupported Nanoporous  Gold Catalyst for Chemoselective Hydrogenation Reactions under Low Pressure:  Effect of Residual Silver on the Reaction

Balaram S. Takale,  Xiujuan Feng, Ye Lu, Ming Bao,*, Tienan Jin, Taketoshi Minato, and Yoshinori  Yamamoto*

J. Am. Chem. Soc.

2016, 138, 10356-10364


Organized Aggregation  Makes Insoluble Perylene Diimide Efficient for the Reduction of Aryl Halides  via Consecutive Visible Light-Induced Electron-Transfer Processes

Le Zeng, Tao Liu,  Cheng He, Dongying Shi, Feili Zhang, and Chunying Duan*

J. Am. Chem. Soc.

2016, 138, 3958-3961


Facile Synthesis of  DendriMac Polymers via the Combination of Living Anionic Polymerization and  Highly Effi cient Coupling Reactions

Hongwei Ma, Qiuyun  Wang, Wei Sang, Li Han, Pibo Liu, Heyu Sheng, Yurong Wang, Yang Li*

Macromol. Rapid  Commun.

2016, 37, 168-173


Crystalline Polyesters  from CO2 and 2‑Butyne via α‑Methylene-β- butyrolactone  Intermediate

Yue-Chao Xu, Hui Zhou,  Xing-Yu Sun, Wei-Min Ren, and Xiao-Bing Lu*


2016, 49, 5782-5787


Strategies for  Tailoring LC-Functionalized Polymer: Probe Contribution of [Si−O−Si] versus [Si−C]  Spacer to Thermal and Polarized Optical Performance “Driven by” Well-Designed  Grafting Density and Precision in Flexible/Rigid Matrix

Li Han, Hongwei Ma, Yang  Li,* Siqi Zhu, Lincan Yang, Rui Tan, Pibo Liu, Heyu Shen, Wei Huang, and  Xichen Gong


2016, 49, 5350-5365


Crystalline  Polythiocarbonate from Stereoregular Copolymerization of Carbonyl Sulfide and  Epichlorohydrin

Tian-Jun Yue, Wei-Min  Ren,* Ye Liu, Zhao-Qian Wan, and Xiao-Bing Lu


2016, 49, 2971-2976


Non-hydrothermal synthesis  of (NH4)2V3O8 hierarchical  flowers and their conversion intoV2O5 for lithium ion battery

Hongchang Pang*, Qiang Song, Peng Tian,  Jun Cheng, Nan Zou, Guiling Ning*

Mater. Lett.

2016, 171, 5-9


Photo-induced activity  of BiFeO3/TiO2 nanotube arrays derived from ultrasound-assisted  successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction

Qidong Zhao*, Yangyang Ren,  Xinyong Li, Yong Shi

Mater. Res. Bull.

2016, 83, 396-399


Direct growth of  highly dispersed MnCl2·4H2O  nanostructures with different morphologies on graphene in supercritical CO2

Qin-Qin Xu, Xiao-Chen  Zhao, Jian-Zhong Yin* and Gang Xu

Mater. Res. Express

2016, 3, 065012


Fabrication and  detection of tissue engineered bone aggregates based on encapsulated human  ADSCs within hybrid calcium alginate/bone powder gel-beads in a spinner flask

Kedong Song*, Yanfei Yang, Lili  Xu, Jiaxin Tian, Jiangli Fan, Zeren Jiao, Shihao Feng, Hong Wang, Yiwei Wang,  Ling Wang*, Tianqing Liu*

Mater. Sci. Eng. C

2016, 62, 787-794


In vitro culture and  harvest of BMMSCs on the surface of a novel thermosensitive glass  microcarrier

Kedong Song*, Yanfei Yang,  ShuangWu, Yu Zhang, Shihao Feng, Hong Wang, Yiwei Wang, Ling Wang*, Tianqing  Liu*

Mater. Sci. Eng. C

2016, 58, 324-330


Preparation and  Application of Colemanite Matrix Complex Flame Retardant

Jian-chu Zhong*, Yun-xia Cui, Jun  Zhu and Hong-zhi Wang

Mater. Sci. Forum

2016, 852, 670-676


Improvement of  catalytic activity over Cu–Fe modified Al-rich Beta catalyst for the  selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3

Li Xu, Chuan Shi*,  Bingbing Chen, Qi Zhao, Yongjun Zhu, Hermann Gies, Feng-Shou Xiao, Dirk De Vos,  Toshiyuki Yokoi, Xinhe Bao, Ute Kolb, Mathias Feyen, Stefan Maurer, Ahmad  Moini, Ulrich Müller, Weiping Zhang**

Microporous Mesoporous  Mater.

2016, 236, 211-217


The promoting effects  of alkali metal oxide in side-chain alkylation of toluene with methanol over  basic zeolite X

He Han, Min Liu,  Xiaowa Nie, Fanshu Ding, YirenWang, Junjie Li, Xinwen Guo*, Chunshan  Song*

Microporous Mesoporous  Mater.

2016, 224, 61-72


Fabrication synthesis  of porous Al2O3 hollow microspheres and its superior  adsorption performance for organic dye

Junying Tian, Peng  Tian, Hongchang Pang, Guiling Ning*, Raji Feyisa Bogale, Hang Cheng, Shanwen  Shen

Microporous Mesoporous  Mater.

2016, 223, 27-34


Hydrophilic  Modification of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube for Building Photonic Crystals  with Enhanced Color Visibility and Mechanical Strength

Feihu Li, Bingtao  Tang*, Jinghai Xiu and Shufen Zhang


2016, 21, 547


Perovskite-based  nanocubes with simultaneously improved visible-light absorption and charge  separation enabling efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction

Jungang  Hou*, Shuyan Cao, Yunzhen Wu, Fei Liang, Lu Ye, Zheshuai Lin*,  Licheng Sun*

Nano  Energy

2016, 30,  59-68


Chemically grafting graphene  oxide to B,N co-doped graphene via ionic liquid and their superior performance  for triiodide reduction

Chang Yu, Haiqiu Fang,  Zhiqiang Liu, Han Hu, Xiangtong Meng, Jieshan Qiu*

Nano Energy

2016, 25, 184-192


Dual integration system  endowing two-dimensional titanium disulfide with enhanced triiodide reduction  performance in dye-sensitized solar cells

Xiangtong Meng, Chang Yu,  Bing Lu, Juan Yang, Jieshan Qiu*

Nano Energy

2016, 22, 59-69


Boosting the efficiency  and the stability of low cost perovskite solar cells by using CuPc nanorods as  hole transport material and carbon as counter electrode

Fuguo Zhang, Xichuan  Yang*, Ming Cheng, Weihan Wang, Licheng Sun

Nano Energy

2016, 20, 108-116


Designed synthesis of nitrogen-rich  carbon wrapped Sn nanoparticles hybrid anode via in-situ growth of crystalline  ZIF-8 on a binary metal oxide

Fei Cheng, Wen-Cui Li,  Jian-Nan Zhu, Wei-Ping Zhang, An-Hui Lu*

Nano Energy

2016, 19, 486-494


Electroless plated Ni–Bx  films as highly active electrocatalysts for hydrogen production from water over  a wide pH range

Peili Zhang, Mei Wang*,  Yong Yang, Tianyi Yao, Hongxian Han, Licheng Sun

Nano Energy

2016, 19, 98-107


Precise synthesis of  discrete and dispersible carbonprotected magnetic nanoparticles for efficient  magnetic resonance imaging and photothermal therapy

An-Hui Lu*, Xiang-Qian Zhang,  Qiang Sun, Yan Zhang*, Qingwei Song, Ferdi Schüth*, Chunying  Chen, and Fang Cheng

Nano Res.

2016, 9, 1460-1469


Nitrogen and  phosphorus dual-doped graphene as a metal-free high-efficiency  electrocatalyst for triiodide reduction

Chang Yu, Zhiqiang  Liu, Xiangtong Meng, Bing Lu, Dan Cui and Jieshan Qiu*


2016, 8, 17458-17464


Size dependent  electrochemical detection of trace heavy metal ions based on nano-patterned  carbon sphere electrodes

Lu-Hua Zhang, Wen-Cui  Li, Dong Yan, Hua Wang and An-Hui Lu*


2016, 8, 13695-13700


Synthesis of highly  uniform Cu2O spheres by a two-step approach and their assembly to  form photonic crystals with a brilliant color

Xin Su, Jie Chang, Suli  Wu,* Bingtao Tang and Shufen Zhang


2016, 8, 6155-6161


Multifunctional  nitrogen-doped graphene nanoribbon aerogels for superior lithium storage and  cell culture

Yang Liu, Xuzhen  Wang,* Wubo Wan, Lingli Li, Yanfeng Dong, Zongbin Zhao and Jieshan Qiu


2016, 8, 2159-2167


Increasing electrical  conductivity of upconversion materials by in situ binding with graphene

Suli Wu*, Xiaoqian Sun,  Jiacheng Zhu, Jie Chang and Shufen Zhang


2016, 27, 345703


Novel red-emitting  LiGd(WO4)2:Eu3+ phosphor with high thermal  stability and high color purity for application in white light-emitting  diodes

Yang  Zhang, Weitao Gong* and Guiling Ning*

New J. Chem.

2016, 40, 10136-10143


Electrospun porous  hierarchical carbon nanofibers with tailored structures for supercapacitors  and capacitive deionization

Gang Wang, Bingqing  Qian, Yuwei Wang, Qiang Dong, Fei Zhan and Jieshan Qiu*

New J. Chem.

2016, 40, 3786-3792


A novel smart  supramolecular organic gelator exhibiting dual-channel responsive sensing behaviours  towards fluoride ion via gel–gel states

Hassan Mehdi,  Hongchang Pang, Weitao Gong,* Manivannan Kalavathi Dhinakaran, Ali  Wajahat, Xiaojun Kuang and Guiling Ning*

Org. Biomol. Chem.

2016, 14, 5956-5964


Fluorescent  cross-linked supramolecular polymers constructed from a novel  self-complementary AABB-type heteromultitopic monomer

Le Fang, Yuanli Hu,  Qiang Li, Shutao Xu, Manivannan Kalavathi Dhinakarank, Weitao Gong*  and Guiling Ning*

Org. Biomol. Chem.

2016, 14, 4039-4045


Double carboxylation  of o-alkynyl acetophenone with carbon dioxide

Wen-Zhen Zhang,* Ming-Wang Yang,  Xu-Tong Yang, Ling-Long Shi, Hui-Bo Wang and Xiao-Bing Lu

Org. Chem. Front.

2016, 3, 217-221


Rhodium-Catalyzed  Oxidative Benzannulation of NAdamantyl-1-naphthylamines  with Internal Alkynes via Dual C−H Bond Activation: Synthesis of Substituted  Anthracenes

Xuan Zhang, Xiaoqiang  Yu,* Dingwei Ji, Yoshinori Yamamoto, Abdulrahman I. Almansour, Natarajan  Arumugam, Raju Suresh Kumar, and Ming Bao*

Org. Lett.

2016, 18, 4246-4249


Copper-Catalyzed  Aza-Diels−Alder Reaction and Halogenation: An Approach To Synthesize 7Halogenated Chromenoquinolines

Xiaoqiang Yu,* Jiao Wang, Zhanwei  Xu, Yoshinori Yamamoto, and Ming Bao*

Org. Lett.

2016, 18, 2491-2494


DFT Studies on Styrene  Polymerization Catalyzed by Cationic Rare-Earth-Metal Complexes: Origin of  Ligand-Dependent Activities

Xingbao Wang, Fei Lin,  Jingping Qu, Zhaomin Hou, and Yi Luo*


2016, 35, 3205-3214


Alkyl Effects on the  Chain Initiation Efficiency of Olefin Polymerization by Cationic  Half-Sandwich Scandium Catalysts: A DFT Study

Xiaohui Kang, Guangli  Zhou, Xingbao Wang, Jingping Qu, Zhaomin Hou,* and Yi Luo*


2016, 35, 913-920


Intermetallic  Cooperation in Olefin Polymerization Catalyzed by a Binuclear Samarocene  Hydride: A Theoretical Study

Gen Luo, Yi Luo,*  Zhaomin Hou,* and Jingping Qu


2016, 35, 778784


Thiolate-Bridged  NickelIron and NickelRuthenium Complexes Relevant to  the CO-Inhibited State of [NiFe]-Hydrogenase

Puhua Sun, Dawei Yang,  Ying Li, Yahui Zhang, Linan Su, Baomin Wang, and Jingping Qu*


2016, 35, 751757


Multifunctional  Plasmonic Co-Doped Fe2O3@polydopamineAu for Adsorption,  Photocatalysis, and SERS-based Sensing

Wei Xiong, Qidong  Zhao,* Xinyong Li, and Lianzhou Wang*

Part. Part. Syst.  Charact.

2016, 33, 602-609


A Dual Component  Catalytic System Composed of Non-Noble Metal Oxides for Li–O2  Batteries with Enhanced Cyclability

Changtai Zhao, Chang  Yu, Juan Yang, Shaohong Liu, Mengdi Zhang, and Jieshan Qiu*

Part. Part. Syst.  Charact.

2016, 33, 228-234


The unquenched triplet  excited state of the fluorescent OFF/ON Bodipy-derived molecular probe based  on photo-induced electron transfer

Zafar Mahmood and Jianzhang  Zhao*

Photochem. Photobiol.  Sci.

2016, 15, 1358-1365


Photo-induced electron  transfer in a diaminosubstituted Ru(bpy)3[PF6]2  complex and its application as a triplet photosensitizer for nitric oxide  (NO)-activated triplet–triplet annihilation upconversion

Kejing Xu, Jianzhang  Zhao* and Evan G. Moore*

Photochem. Photobiol. Sci.

2016,15, 995-1005


Structural  characteristics of hydrated protons in the conductive channels: effects of  confinement and fluorination studied by molecular dynamics simulation

Ning Zhang, Yuechun  Song, Xuehua Ruan, Xiaoming Yan, Zhao Liu, Zhuanglin Shen, Xuemei Wu and Gaohong  He*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

2016, 18, 24198-24209


Chloride capping of  CdTi for higher crystallinity and enhanced photocatalytic activity

Zameer Hussain Shah,  Yuzhen Ge, Xijie Lin, Jinghai Xiu, Shufen Zhang and Rongwen Lu*

Phys. Chem. Chem.  Phys.

2016, 18, 1637-1643


The roles of different  titanium species in TS-1 zeolite in propylene epoxidation studied by in situ  UV Raman spectroscopy

Guang Xiong,* Yuanyuan Cao,  Zhendong Guo, Qianying Jia, Fuping Tiana and Liping Liu

Phys. Chem. Chem.  Phys.

2016, 18, 190-196


Half-metallocene  complexes of yttrium with amidinate ligands: Monoalkyl yttrium formation and  C–H bond activation

Tie-Qi Xu*, Jun-Hu Liu, Yong  Liu


2016, 113, 50-54


The determination of  sequence distribution in the living anionic copolymerization of styrene and  strong electron-donating DPE derivative-1,1-bis(4-N,N-dimethylanimophenyl)ethylene

Pibo Liu, Hongwei Ma,  Wei Huang, Heyu Shen, Lingling Wu, Yang Li*, Yurong Wang


2016, 97, 167-173


Highly toughened  polylactide with epoxidized polybutadiene by in-situ reactive  compatibilization

Yanshai Wang, Zhiyong  Wei, Xuefei Leng, Kaihua Shen, Yang Li*


2016, 92, 74-83


Synthesis,  characterization and thermal decomposition of novel soluble copoly(aryl ether  nitrile) containing phthalazinone and biphenyl moieties

Rui Liu, Jinyan  Wang*, Cheng Liu, Jinlong Li, Xigao Jian

Polym. Bull.

2016, 73, 1811-1826


Synthesis and  characterization of random styrene–butadiene copolymer with Nd-based catalyst

Tingting Li, Yang  Li*, Gongqiang He, Zhenghai Shi, Yanming Hu, Fang Guo, Yurong Wang, Kaihua  Shen,  Zhiyong Wei, Hongwei Ma, Yuan Cheng, Yanshai Wang

Polym. Bull.

2016, 73, 509-518


Stereoselective  copolymerization of amino-functionalized styrene with butadiene using a  half-sandwich scandium complex

Zhenghai Shi, Fang  Guo, Rui Meng, Lei Jiang and Yang Li*

Polym. Chem.

2016, 7, 7365-7369


Monodispersed  ultramicroporous semicycloaliphatic polyimides for the highly efficient adsorption  of CO2, H2 and organic vapors

Jun Yan, Biao Zhang  and Zhonggang Wang*

Polym. Chem.

2016, 7, 7295-7303


Synthesis of  sequence-determined bottlebrush polymers based on sequence determination in living  anionic copolymerization of styrene and dimethyl(4-(1-phenylvinyl)phenyl)silane

Qiuyun Wang, Hongwei  Ma, Wei Sang, Li Han, Pibo Liu, Heyu Shen, Wei Huang, Xichen Gong, Lincan  Yang, Yurong Wang and Yang Li*

Polym. Chem.

2016, 7, 3090-3099


Monomer sequence  determination in the living anionic copolymerization of styrene and  asymmetric bi-functionalized 1,1-diphenylethylene derivatives

Wei Sang, Hongwei  Ma*, Qiuyun Wang, Xinyu Hao, Yubin Zheng, Yurong Wang and Yang Li*

Polym. Chem.

2016, 7, 219-234


Microwave-assisted  rapid synthesis of cerium phosphates and their adsorption on uranium(VI)

Rui Wang, Junwei Ye, Guiling  Ning*, Fuhong Sun, Heng Jiang*, Xiaomeng Wu, Hongxue Liu

Res. Chem. Intermed.

2016, 42, 5013-5025


Enhanced performance  of perovskite solar cells with P3HT hole-transporting materials via molecular  p-type doping

Yuchen Zhang, Mohammed  Elawad, Ze Yu,* Xiaoqing Jiang, Jianbo Lai and Licheng Sun*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 108888-108895


Construction of  solvent-dependent self-assembled porous Ni(II)-coordinated frameworks as  effective catalysts for chemical transformation of CO2

Zhen Zhou, Lu Yang,  Yefei Wang, Cheng He,* Tao Liu and Chunying Duan

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 108010-108016


Controlled synthesis  of pure Au25(2-Nap)18 and Au36(2-Nap)24  nanoclusters from 2-(diphenylphosphino)pyridine protected Au nanoclusters

Yifei Zhang, Chao Liu,  Xiujuan Yang, Ming Bao,* Jiahui Huang* and Wenjie Shenb

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 105166-105170


Synthesis of  colorant-modified polystyrene copolymers with tailored structures for toner applications

Yan Zhang, Yufei Bian,  Hui Niu, Yurong Wang and Yang Li*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 104407-104415


Silica-supported ultra  small gold nanoparticles as nanoreactors for the etherification of silanes

Cui Wang, Xijie Lin,  Yuzhen Ge, Zameer Hussain Shah, Rongwen Lu* and Shufen Zhang

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 102102-102108


Aerosol-assisted  synthesis of nano-sized ZSM-5 aggregates

Guang Xiong,* Jinpeng Yin, Jiaxu  Liu, Xiyan Liu, Zhendong Guo and Liping Liu

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 101365-101371


Impregnation of ionic  liquids in mesoporous silica using supercritical carbon dioxide and  co-solvent

Qin-Qin Xu, Jian-Zhong  Yin,* Xue-Ling Zhou, Guang-Zhao Yin, Yi-Fan Liu, Pei Cai and Ai-Qin Wang

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 101079-101086


Self-enhancement of  droplet jumping velocity: the interaction of liquid bridge and surface texture

Kai Wang, Qianqing  Liang, Rui Jiang, Yi Zheng, Zhong Lan and Xuehu Ma*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 99314-99321


Molecular structure  simplification of the most common hole transport materials in perovskite solar  cells

Yantao Shi,* Yuan Xue, Kaili  Hou, Guanghao Meng, Kai Wang, Rihan Chi, Fan Chen, Huicai Ren, Maoyin Pang  and Ce Hao*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 96990-96996


Facile fabrication of  metal-free urchin-like g-C3N4 with superior  photocatalytic activity

Lei Luo, Anfeng Zhang,  Michael J. Janik, Chunshan Song* and Xinwen Guo*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 94496-94501


Synthesis and  application of core–shell magnetic metal–organic framework composites Fe3O4/IRMOF-3

Weigang Li, Gang Li*  and Dan Liu

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 94113-94118


Synthesis,  characterization and properties of furancontaining difluoroboron complexes

Chun Liu,* Hao Zhang and  Jianzhang Zhao

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 92341-92348


Mesoporous graphitic  carbon nitride functionalized iron oxides for promoting phenol oxidation activity

Lei Luo, Anfeng Zhang,  Michael J. Janik, Chunshan Song* and Xinwen Guo*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 91960-91967


Pd@MIL-101 as an  efficient bifunctional catalyst for hydrodeoxygenation of anisole

Hangxing Ren, Chuang  Li, Dongdong Yin, Jinxuan Liu and Changhai Liang*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 85659-85665


Preparation and  characterization of sulfonated poly(aryl ether ketone)s containing  3,5-diphenyl phthalazinone moieties for proton exchange membrane

Liyun Chen, Shouhai  Zhang,* Yiwen Jiang and Xigao Jian

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 75328-75335


Enhancing oxygen  reduction reaction durability via coating graphene layers on iron-nitrogen supported  carbon nanotubes

Cai-Di Liu, Guang-Lan  Li,* Guang-Chun Cheng, Ce Hao, Si-Mei Chen and Yang-Yang Xie

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 73581-73588


Hierarchically  structured tetragonal zirconia as a promising support for robust Ni based  catalysts for dry reforming of methane

Weizuo Li and Zhongkui  Zhao*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 72942-72951


One-step  functionalization of carbon fiber using in situ generated aromatic diazonium  salts to enhance adhesion with PPBES resins

Nan Li, Zuoqiang Wu,  Lei Huo, Lishuai Zong, Yujie Guo, Jinyan Wang* and Xigao Jian*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 70704-70714


DFT study on  1,7-octadiene polymerization catalyzed by a non-bridged half-titanocene system

Yu Pan, Xiaowei Xu,  Ning-Ning Wei, Ce Hao, Xiaodong Zhu and Gaohong He*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 69939-69946


Near-infrared  fluorescent probes with higher quantum yields and neutral pKa values for the evaluation  of intracellular pH

Xinbo Song, Mingyu Hu,  Chao Wang and Yi Xiao*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 69641-69646


Fully biobased  thermoplastic elastomers: synthesis and characterization of  poly(L-lactide)-bpolymyrcene-b-poly(L-lactide) triblock copolymers

Cheng Zhou, Zhiyong  Wei, Xuefei Lei and Yang Li*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 63508-63514


Enhanced hydroxide  conductivity of imidazolium functionalized polysulfone anion exchange membrane  by doping imidazolium surface-functionalized nanocomposites

Jianwei Li, Xiaoming  Yan, Yuyan Zhang, Baolin Zhao and Gaohong He*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 58380-58386


Prochiral  alkyl-aminomethyl ketones as convenient precursors for efficient synthesis of  chiral (2,3,5)-tri-substituted pyrrolidines via an organo-catalysed tandem  reaction

Yuming Song,* Ke Li, Tao Shu,  Yamei Xie, Yixin Zhang and Jingping Qu

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 55764-55767


A breathing MOF:  direct crystallographic observation of the site-selective C(sp3)–H functionalization

Dongying Shi, Le Zeng,  Zheng Ming, Cheng He, Changgong Meng and Chunying Duan*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 51936-51940


Facile one-step  synthesis of highly graphitized hierarchical porous carbon nanosheets with  large surface area and high capacity for lithium storage

Qi Yang, Zongbin  Zhao,* Yanbao Jia, Yanfeng Dong, Zhengfa Yu, Xuzhen Wang and Jieshan  Qiu*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 51146-51152


Supported Ni catalyst  on a natural halloysite derived silica–alumina composite oxide with unexpected  coke-resistant stability for steam-CO2 dual reforming of methane

Zhongkui Zhao,* Panpan Ren and  Weizuo Li

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 49487-49496


Synthesis of highly  branched poly(d-valerolactone)s: a comparative study between comb and linear analogues

Yingying Ren, Zhiyong  Wei, Tong Wu, Yufei Bian, Xuefei Leng, Cheng Zhou and Yang Li*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 45791-45801


Synthesis and  catalytic application of N-heterocyclic carbene copper complex functionalized  conjugated microporous polymer

Hui Zhou,* Qing-Yong Zhang and  Xiao-Bing Lu*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 44995-45000


Copolymerization of  L-lactide/trimethylene carbonate by organocatalysis: controlled synthesis of  comb-like graft copolymers with side chains with different topologies

Xuefei Leng, Zhiyong  Wei, Yingying Ren, Yufei Bian, Qinyi Wang and Yang Li*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 40371-40382


Engineering  aggregation-induced SERS-active porous Au@ZnS multi-yolk–shell structures for  visualization of guest species loading

Jing Liu, Liyong  Chen,* Binhua Duan, Zhizhi Gu, Qiong Luo and Chunying Duan*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 38690-38696


Facile room  temperature synthesis of metal–organic frameworks from newly synthesized copper/zinc  hydroxide and their application in adsorptive desulfurization

Wencong Xu, Gang Li,*  Weigang Li and Haojie Zhang

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 37530-37534


Synthesis and  electrophosphorescence of novel heteroleptic iridium complexes based on  thiazolecontaining ligands

Di Liu,* Ruijuan Yao, Min  Fu, Deli Li and Shufen Zhang

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 34198-34203


Evolution of iron  species for promoting the catalytic performance of FeZSM-5 in phenol oxidation

Lei Luo, Chengyi Dai,  Anfeng Zhang, Junhu Wang, Chunshan Song* and Xinwen Guo*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 32789-32797


Imidazolium  functionalized polysulfone electrolyte membranes with varied chain  structures: a comparative study

Baoqiang Zhang,  Lingdong Li, Gaohong He, Fangyuan Gai and Fengxiang Zhang*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 31336-31346


Multi-color luminescence  properties and energy transfer behaviour in host-sensitized CaWO4:Tb3+,Eu3+  phosphors

Yang Zhang, Weitao  Gong, Jingjie Yu,* Zhiyuan Cheng and Guiling Ning*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 30886-30894


Rheological properties  and crystallization behavior of comb-like graft poly(L-lactide): influences  of graft length and graft density

Xuefei Leng, Zhiyong  Wei, Yufei Bian, Yingying Ren, Yurong Wang, Qinyi Wang and Yang Li*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 30320-30329


TEA incorporated CS  blend composite membrane for high CO2 separation performance

Miao Yu, Yan Dai, Kai  Yang, Hao Li, Huimin Guo and Gaohong He*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 27016-27019


A highly efficient  potassium-treated Au–Cu/Al2O3 catalyst for the  preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide

Yu-Xin Miao, Lei Shi,  Qiang Sun and Wen-Cui Li*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 24603-24609


A H3PO4  preswelling strategy to enhance the proton conductivity of a H2SO4-doped  polybenzimidazole membrane for vanadium flow batteries

Sangshan Peng,  Xiaoming Yan, Daishuang Zhang, Xuemei Wu, Yongliang Luo and Gaohong He*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 23479-23488


Porous N-doped  graphitic carbon assembled one dimensional hollow structures as high  performance electrocatalysts for ORR

Qiong Luo, Liyong  Chen,* Binhua Duan, Zhizhi Gu, Jing Liu, Meiling Xu and Chunying Duan*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 12467-12471


Phthalazinone  structure-based covalent triazine frameworks and their gas adsorption and separation  properties

Kuanyu Yuan, Cheng  Liu,* Jianhua Han, Guipeng Yu, Jinyan Wang, Hongmin Duan, Zhonggang Wang  and Xigao Jian

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 12009-12020


Facile one-step  synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon monoliths as superior supports of  Fe-based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation

Chengyi Dai, Anfeng  Zhang, Min Liu, Junjie Li, Fangyu Song, Chunshan Song* and Xinwen  Guo*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 10831-10836


Facile, low-cost, and  scalable fabrication of particle size and pore structure tuneable  monodisperse mesoporous silica nanospheres as supports for advanced solid  acid catalysts

Zhongkui Zhao,* Xianhui Wang,  Yanhua Jiao, Boyuan Miao, Xinwen Guo and Guiru Wang

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 9072-9081


Effect of nano  structures on the nucleus wetting modes during water vapour condensation:  from individual groove to nano-array surface

W. Xu, Z. Lan, B. L.  Peng, R. F. Wen and X. H. Ma*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 7923-7932


Reversible  hydrogen-bond-selective phase transfer directed towards noble metal  nanoparticles and its catalytic application

Wenjiang Li, Yanhua  Wang,* Min Zeng, Jingyang Jiang and Zilin Jin

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 6329-6335


Zirconium-promoted hydrothermal  synthesis of hierarchical porous carbons with ordered cubic mesostructures  under acidic aqueous conditions

Anfeng Zhang, Keke  Hou, Haiyang Duan, Wei Tan, Chunshan Song* and Xinwen Guo*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 4343-4353


The effect of the  support structure on catalytic activity: a case study on hollow and solid MoO3/SiO2

Jiasheng Wang* and Hong Liu

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 2374-2378


Bis-ammonium  immobilized polystyrenes with cocatalyzing functional end groups as efficient  and reusable heterogeneous catalysts for synthesis of cyclic carbonate from  CO2 and epoxides

Qingyuan Deng, Gaohong  He, Yu Pan, Xuehua Ruan, Wenji Zheng and Xiaoming Yan*

RSC Adv.

2016, 6, 2217-2224


Adjustable crystalline  stereocomplexes from enantiopure gradient polycarbonates

Ye Liu, Keke He,  Weimin Ren, Rongrong Li & Xiaobing Lu*

Sci. China Chem.

2016, 59, 1415-1420


Coexistence of  metamagnetism and single chain magnet behavior in a FeIII2CoII  layer compound

Wenjing Jiang, Yanjuan  Zhang, Chengqi Jiao, Liang Zhao, Jixiang Hu, Junli Wang & Tao Liu*

Sci. China Chem.

2016, 59, 735-739


Visible  light-harvesting tricarbonyl Re(I) complex: synthesis and application in  intracellular photodynamic effect and luminescence imaging

Fangfang Zhong,  Xiaolin Yuan, Jianzhang Zhao* & Quan Wang

Sci. China Chem.

2016, 59, 70-77


d-PET-controlled off-on  Polaritysensitive Probes for Reporting Local Hydrophilicity within Lysosomes

Hao Zhu, Jiangli  Fan*, Huiying Mu, Tao Zhu, Zhen Zhang, Jianjun Du & Xiaojun Peng

Sci. Rep.

2016, 6, 35627


Multishelled NiO Hollow  Microspheres for High-performance Supercapacitors with Ultrahigh Energy  Density and Robust Cycle Life

Xinhong Qi, Wenji  Zheng, Xiangcun Li* & Gaohong He

Sci. Rep.

2016, 6, 33241


A Laminated  Microfluidic Device for Comprehensive Preclinical Testing in the Drug ADME  Process

Fan An, Yueyang Qu, Yong  Luo*, Ning Fang, Yang Liu, Zhigang Gao, Weijie Zhao & Bingcheng  Lin*

Sci. Rep.

2016, 6, 25022


A Two-Photon  Fluorescent Probe for Lysosomal Thiols in Live Cells and Tissues

Jiangli Fan*, Zhichao Han, Yao Kang  & Xiaojun Peng

Sci. Rep.

2016, 6, 19562


Directional Movement  of Droplets in Grooves: Suspended or Immersed?

Wei Xu, Zhong Lan,  Benli Peng, Rongfu Wen, Yansong Chen & Xuehu Ma*

Sci. Rep.

2016, 6, 18836


Determination of zinc  ion based on electrochemiluminescence of Ru(phen)32+ and  phenanthroline

Yulong Gao, Jiantao  Shao, Fengyu Liu*

Sens. Actuators, B  Chem.

2016, 234, 380-385


Imidazole  functionalized graphene oxide/PEBAX mixed matrix membranes for efficient CO2  capture

Yan Dai, Xuehua Ruan,  Zhijun Yan, Kai Yang, Miao Yu, Hao Li, Wei Zhao, Gaohong He*

Sep. Purif. Technol.

2016, 166, 171-180


Hexadecanol/phase change  polyurethane composite as form-stable phase change material for thermal energy  storage

Bingtao Tang*, Lingjuan Wang, Yuanji  Xu, Jinghai Xiu, Shufen Zhang

Sol. Energy Mater. Sol.  Cells

2016, 144, 1-6


Facile Synthesis of  Multifunctional Pyrrolo[2,1-a]isoquinolin-3(2H)-ones via  Sulfa-Michael-Triggered One-Pot Reactions

Tian-You Qin,Lu Cheng,  Jang Ho-Chol, Sean Xiao-An Zhang*, Wei-Wei Liao*


2016, 48, 357-364


Complex Behavior of  Series of Cationic Carbamate Surfactants with SDBS, SDS, SAS Anionic  Surfactants

Yazhou Sun, Chenyu  Liu, Weihong Qiao* and Min Zhou

Tenside Surfact. Det.

2016, 53, 47-55


Cu(I)/Ag(I)-mediated  decarboxylative trifluoromethylation of arylpropiolic acids with Me3SiCF3  at room temperature

Lingling Yang, Linlin  Jiang, Yaming Li*, Xinmei Fu, Rong Zhang, Kun Jin, Chunying Duan


2016, 72, 3858-3862


Palladium-catalyzed  propargylative and allenylative dearomatization of  2-(chloromethyl)thiophenes: remarkable effect of solvents

Aziz Ullah, Sheng  Zhang*, Ming Bao*, Yoshinori Yamamoto, Abdulrahman I. Almansour,  Natarajan Arumugam, Raju Suresh Kumar


2016, 72, 170-175


Development of C-6´-modified  quinine-derived phase-transfer catalysts and their application in the  enantioselective α-hydroxylation of β-dicarbonyl compounds

Hai Qing, Yakun Wang,  Zehao Zheng, Shuai Chen, Qingwei Meng*

Tetrahedron: Asymmetry

2016, 27, 834-842


Asymmetric  fluorination of 4-substituted pyrazolones catalyzed by quinine

Xiaoze Bao, Shiqiang  Wei, Liwei Zou, Yuming Song, Jingping Qu, Baomin Wang*

Tetrahedron: Asymmetry

2016, 27, 436-441


Silver(I)-catalyzed  denitrative trifluoromethylation of b-nitrostyrenes with CF3SO2Na

Ping Huang, Yaming  Li, Xinmei Fu, Rong Zhang, Kun Jin, Wenxin Wang, Chunying Duan*

Tetrahedron Lett.

2016, 57, 4705-4708


Selective synthesis of  d-lactone via palladium nanoparticlescatalyzed telomerization of CO2  with 1,3-butadiene

Jiliang Song, Xiujuan  Feng*, Yoshinori Yamamoto, Abdulrahman I. Almansour, Natarajan Arumugam,  Raju Suresh Kumar, Ming Bao*

Tetrahedron Lett.

2016, 57, 3163-3166


A facile and  expeditious approach to substituted 1H-pyrazoles catalyzed by iodine

Hailei Zhang, Qian  Wei, Guodong Zhu, Jingping Qu, Baomin Wang*

Tetrahedron Lett.

2016, 57, 2633-2637


Stepwise  iododesilylation and coupling reaction: a flexible route to  2,4-disubstituted-1H-pyrroles

Jianhui Liu*, Nanyan Fu, Changyun  Wei, Zhucao Song

Tetrahedron Lett.

2016, 57, 2530-2532


Biomimetic synthesis  of bis-a-substituent pyrrolidine alkaloids based on a proposed biosynthetic  pathway

Zhi Cao, Yueqing Li,  Shisheng Wang, Bo Tang, Xiuhan Guo, Liu Wang, Weijie Zhao*

Tetrahedron Lett.

2016, 57, 2219-2221


Sequential Sonogashira  and Glaser coupling reactions: facile access to 1,4-disubstituted  1,3-butadiynes from arylbromide

Yanfang Gong, Jianhui  Liu*

Tetrahedron Lett.

2016, 57, 2143-2146


Density and viscosity  of monoethylethanolamine + H2O and monoethylethanolamine +  diethylethanolamine solutions for CO2 capture

Siming Chen, Lei  Zhang, Yongchun Zhang*, Shaoyun Chen, Jian Chen

Thermochim. Acta

2016, 642, 52-58


Surface chemical characterization  of steel clutch plate in ATF

Shaohui Li, Zechao Di*,  Liang Cheng, Zhongguo Liu, Jicheng Piao, Dongsheng Huang, Zhiyu Zhao, Haitao Cui,  Yang Li*

Tribol. Int.

2016, 102, 319-325


Surface-treated carbon  electrodes with modified potential of zero charge for capacitive deionization

Tingting Wu, Gang Wang,  Fei Zhan, Qiang Dong, Qidi Ren, Jianren Wang, Jieshan Qiu*

Water Res.

2016, 93, 30-37